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Purity Products

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Purity Products is a manufacturer/peddler of homeopathetic remedies, specifically dietary supplements and more specifically, vitamin supplements.

Their products[edit]

A quick search [1] shows that the bulk of their products are pseudovitamins that give in to the latest fad diet and nutrition crazes, such as selling products loaded with vitamin D and resveratrol. Like the makers of HeadOn, their products are promoted heavily on radio and television, although (unlike HeadOn) usually through infomercials.[2] Purity Products also likes to brand their products as "evidence-based," even though they have released no studies or data to back such claims. Their Advisory Panel seems about as full of crankery as you can get.[3]

Customer satisfaction[edit]

Apparently, they do not have a good track record with their customers either,[4] [5] and not just because their products are loaded with more woo than help. They even have to have a web page dedicated to responding to accusations that they're scam artists.[6]

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