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Not to be confused with choleraWikipedia's W.svg.

Chlorella is a genus of green algae. Due to the fact that chlorella is high in protein, calories, fat, and other nutrients, there was once a great deal of interest in the possibility of developing chlorella-based substitutes for certain foods. This would, in theory, be a simple way of delivering food with high caloric content to the Third World.[1] Today, it is more popular as a staple of health food quackery and often marketed as a "superfood." More hardcore woo-meisters will hawk it as part of detox diets or chelation regimens as it allegedly flushes "toxins" and heavy metals out of the body.[2]

Like most food woo, Chlorella is advertised on any and every diet page that will take their ad money. With no evidence whatsoever, it is sold as a supplement that makes weight loss easier, in that vague, non-committal, not testable way that is so popular with food wooists.


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