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What nice things are going on?

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Feeling overwhelmed or stressed by the rest of the news? Have a look at some of the positive things that have been going on in the world! The most popular entries are found at Best of nice things and the older entries found in the archives.

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What is going on?

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January 2021

7United StatesBiden says Keystone Pipeline to be cancelled on his first day in office
16the World 2020 has finally ended! (That should already say it all. What more can we say?)

December 2020

8United KingdomEngland Two newborn kittens were spotted on the conveyor belt of a recycling plant just in time.

November 2020

16United KingdomEngland 2020 has been a great year for the recently reintroduced beavers in England.
6United States The US flag has been reclaimed by Biden supporters as a symbol of unity, bigly discrediting the MAGA cult's alleged monopoly on US patriotism and their attempts to appropriate it as a divisive "with us or against us" pro-Trump symbol
15United StatesColorado. Voters in Colorado have approved a statewide family leave programme
12United StatesNew York. Rocky, an owl found trapped in a Christmas tree, has been rehabilitated and released back to the wild
14United States ‘Frankie the Adventure Goat’ has traveled over 60,000 miles across America in an epic road trip
15United Kingdom Noodles, an extremely cute guard dog, has won a comedy pet photography competition
22United KingdomScotland Scotland becomes the first country in the world to give free tampons and sanitary pads to everyone who needs them..