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While there are things in the Creation Museum with which I strongly disagree, overall, I found it to be significantly more scientifically accurate than most museums, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.
—Jay L Wile[1]

Dr. Jay L Wile is a young earth creationist who holds a PhD in nuclear chemistry from the University of Rochester. He has no credentials in evolutionary biology, but this doesn't stop him from flaunting his doctorate to impress his audience.

Apologia Educational Ministries[edit]

...the Christian worldview is a perfect fit with science. Science is based on the notion that the world works according to rational laws that do not change. Since Christians believe in a rational Creator whose laws do not change, science and Christianity work very well together.
—"Exploring Creation with General Science"[2]

Wile is best known as an author of the Exploring Creation with... books published by Apologia Educational Ministries — a series of junior high/high school science textbooks popular in fundamentalist private schools and homeschooling. Wile sold the Apologia textbook business to two homeschoolers affiliated with Focus on the Family in 2006.[3]

Like the Institute for Creation Research, Apologia offers online classes for homeschool students, including "Introductory and Advanced Sciences" and "Bible, Apologetics and Worldview". The Apologia website mentions that they organize retreats for people who want to learn more about the Bible. The retreats are popular among parents who teach Apologia's science curriculum. The Exploring Creation with… series includes:

  • Exploring Creation with General Science
  • Exploring Creation with Physical Science
  • Exploring Creation with Zoology (Note- there are three zoology books)
  • Exploring Creation with Astronomy
  • Exploring Creation with Physics and Chemistry
  • Exploring Creation with Biology
  • Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

Jay Wile and Ken Ham[edit]

Wile also apparently ruffled Ken Ham's feathers on one occasion, after stating in a blog post that he believed that Ham's Creation Museum contained several inaccuracies— the main disagreement being whether or not animals died before the fall of man apparently.[4] If it's any consolation to Ham, Wile still believes the Creation Museum is more accurate than the Smithsonian Institution's natural history museum.

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