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Jay Wile

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The divine comedy
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While there are things in the Creation Museum with which I strongly disagree, overall, I found it to be significantly more scientifically accurate than most museums, including the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History
—Jay L Wile

Dr. Jay L Wile is a young earth creationist. Wile holds a PhD in nuclear chemistry from the University of Rochester, which puts him slightly above other creationists such as "Dr." Kent Hovind (whose doctorate was earned in "Christian education" from a mail order fundamentalist college). Nevertheless he has no credentials in evolutionary biology, though of course this doesn't stop him from flaunting his doctorate to impress his audience (an argument from authority fallacy).

Wile is best known as an author of the Exploring Creation with... books published by Apologia Educational Ministries - a series of junior high/high school "science" textbooks popular in fundamentalist private schools and homeschooling. Wile is apparently no longer employed with the company, and appears to instead be writing textbooks for Berean Builders.

Wile also apparently ruffled Ken Ham's feathers on one occasion, after stating in a blog post that he believed that Ham's Creation Museum contained inaccuracies - the main disagreement being whether or not animals died before the fall of man apparently. (But if it's any consolation to Ham, Wile still believes the Creation museum is more accurate than the Smithsonian Institution's natural history museum).

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