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Issac Bourne is a Young Earth Creationist and webmaster of the pseudoscientific website Y.E.C. Headquarters.


Born on February 11th, 1962, Isaac has claimed on public forums he is a Amsoil or synthetic oil lubricant seller. This has been confirmed in business listings, but reveal he is in fact self-employed.[1] Isaac has admitted he has no education or qualifications in any field of science, but took "2 courses of synthetic lubricants, air and oil filtration".[2] Never though has he provided information about the institution he took these courses from, and most suspect they are from a diploma mill.

Online presence[edit]

The various digits in Isaac's online username 'ikester7579' are taken from his listed business address. He is the webmaster and sole contributor to the website Y.E.C. Headquarters, and a senior moderator on the Evolution Fairytale Forum. He also is a former contributor to CreationWiki.[3]

Eternal Time Creation[edit]

Isaac is a Young Earth Creationist, yet has isolated himself from most standard YEC's as he adopts an extreme fringe view of the Omphalos hypothesis which he calls 'Eternal Time Creation'. His username 'ikester7579' on online forums posits that the world was created around 6,000 years ago, but, because God is omnipotent, made it appear as though it is actually eternal.[4] Ikester's idiosyncratic views on creation have caused most YEC's to reject him. He left CreationWiki in 2007 after getting into an online debate with the other creationists on that site writing: "From the very day I joined this wiki it's like I have been in a fight with almost everyone. I don't get it. Then I'm ignored when I ask a question or need an opinion."[5] Marginalised by his fellow creationists, Isaac regularly embraces conspiracy theories in attempt to explain why no one agrees with his views. Most often he claims the creationists that disagree with his 'Eternal Time Creation' theory are 'wolves in sheep's clothing' usually asserting they are closet-atheists. Ikester has in fact shown more hostility to creationists, than those that accept the biological reality of evolution.

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