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John C. Landon is an American intelligent design author and internet troll.

Education, or lack thereof[edit]

Landon has no education in science or any qualifications yet claims on his websites, blogs and postings on forums that there is no scientific evidence for evolution.

Intelligent design[edit]

He is the author of an anti-evolution book World History And The Eonic Effect (2012).[1] The book rejects "macroevolution" and claims mutation and natural selection have nothing to do with evolution. Landon also rejects any other natural evolutionary mechanism and the book advocates a version of intelligent design and human exceptionalism.[2] Landon also posts many positive reviews of young earth creationist books under the username of "nemonemini".[3]


Landon owns a creationist website called "Darwiniana" where he posts against "neo-Darwinism" which he claims is a conspiracy to remove God from science and writes that there is no evidence for macroevolution. On some of his postings he still claims he accepts evolution yet this is not true as Landon denies common descent, denies any evidence for speciation and claims like all creationists do that only microevolution exists.[4]

In his book World History And The Eonic Effect Landon wrote:

We are still without a theory of evolution, in part because we have never observed its mechanics in action[5]

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