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Werner Gitt

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Evolutionism debunkers looks like the Gitt hasn't actually read any real information theory much less understood it. All that he's done is heard Dembski presenting one of his wretched mischaracterizations, and then regurgitated and expanded upon them.

Werner Gitt (1937–) is a German engineer and a young earth creationist who has written on various pseudoscience topics for Answers in Genesis.[2]

Information theory[edit]

Gitt wrote the book In the Beginning was Information (1997), in which he proposes that no information can exist without a code, and that information has to have a mental origin—which he claims comes from God. Gitt's arguments consist of a lot of arm waving, contradictory statements, assertions without proof, and circular reasoning. Scientists have explained in detail where he goes wrong.[3][4][1]

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