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Barry Arrington

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Barry Arrington is a lawyer from Arvada, Colorado who is associated with William Dembski and the "Michele PAC."[1] He basically seems like the lawyer for the middle management agents of conservative right wing thought (read: nuttiness) in the United States.

In 2008 Arrington officially assumed control over the blog Uncommon Descent, after Dembski “withdrew” to focus on “research”. This would leave Arrington in charge of the moderation policies at that site, which meant not allowing comments that provide coherent criticism of Intelligent Design.[2] True to the spirit of the movement, Arrington deletes critical comments to the posts, and then proclaims that the lack of comments from ID critics means that he won the argument.[3] To be fair it is not only critics of intelligent design who get the treatment. Upon Arrington's assertion that Darwin was a firm racist, fellow Uncommon Descent blogger DaveScot wrote a post pointing out that some Christians had been racists too. Arrington subsequently banned DaveScot from Uncommon Descent for violating its policies,[4] and replied that these purported Christians were not really Christians and that atheists are worse.

Arrington has claimed that using the fossil record to argue for evolution is cheating since the fossil record is based on science.[5] The silence following that statement was due to widespread facepalming.