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Babu G. Ranganathan is an up-and-coming creationist, who apparently hasn't gotten the memo that Creationism isn't science. His seemingly useless degree is a B.A. in the Bible (with a minor in Biology),[1] is from Bob Jones University (a fundamentalist Christian school that was founded to combat the teaching of evolution).[2][3] Ranganathan apparently doesn't realize that his religion keeps lying to its believers about what evolution is, and what it isn't, in order to disprove it.


He posts his comments to BusinessInsider[4] and on his own LinkedIn page.[5]

His articles include all of the classic logical fallacies, including (but not limited to), "Since I redefined evolution and used misinformation to prove to myself that evolution is false, therefore, it must follow that my preferred religion, which I started out trying to prove true is correct,"[6] and likes to go around spamming legitimate science articles, posting his creationist nonsense in their comments.


Despite all of the Biblical contradictions and errors, Ranganathan apparently hasn't decided to study Islam well enough to fully understand what Muslims believe, yet took it upon himself to shift his focus on Islam and write an article titled "The Argument Islam Cannot Answer",[7] as if Muslims never thought about his positions over the last 1,400 years of their existence, and despite the fact that he could have found his "answer" by simply watching a few Islamic lectures. His position is that Muslims don't have scriptural evidence for their beliefs, without apparently realizing: 1) that Muslims consider Muhammad's hallucination to be a divine revelation from Allah; 2) scriptural theological support for the Quran does exist with the Gnostic and apocryphal Christian texts, "Lost Gospels" which have been found, and existence of those Christian denominations who considered god as "only one" prior to Islam; and 3) the early Christian Church persecuted and ex-communicated all other versions of Christianity, and burned their "heretical" texts (which removed lots of evidence, though some survived). Ranganathan's argument over whose imaginary friend has the bigger dick ignores the fact that the theological texts once existed.