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Fazale Rana (1963–) is an American biochemist and Christian old earth creationist.


Rana has a PhD in biochemistry and has published a book titled, The Cell's Design: How Chemistry Reveals the Creator's Artistry (2008), advocating creationism and denying evolution. He pretends in his book he is a secular intelligent design advocate however Rana is a devout Christian and Biblical creationist who is one of the founders of the Reasons To Believe organisation, a Christian creationist think tank that promotes Christian progressive creationism.[1][2]

In fact, Rana's work is characterized by topics and arguments usually associated with young earth creationism. For instance, Rana has put some effort into trying to explain why harmful bacteria would exist if they were created by a good and benevolent god. He argues that they were created to be perfect, but have since evolved their harmful natures, which is strikingly similar, for instance, to articles written by Georgia Purdom for Answers Research Journal. Indeed, Rana and Reasons To Believe are no fans of Intelligent Design, recognizing at least that their creationism is firmly religiously motivated.[3] Instead, Rana and Ross attempted to develop their own "scientifically testable" origins of life hypothesis in their 2004 book "Origins of Life: Biblical and Evolutionary Models Face Off", including the hypothesis "First life was qualitatively different from life that came into existence on creation days three, five, and six." The book was heavily criticized for its twisting of facts, errors of scholarship, logical fallacies, and quote-mining.[4]


The scientific community have rejected the claims of Rana as pseudoscience and have said that he has misrepresented modern cell biology due to his religious agenda.[5]

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