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Moody Institute of Science

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The Moody Institute of Science (MIS) was a production company for pro-creationism and anti-science media, spun off from the fundamentalist Moody Bible Institute. MIS's leader and film director was pastor Irwin A. Moon (1907-1986).[1][2] Its successor was Discovery Media, which now appears to be defunct. MIS produced films from 1938 to roughly 1972.

Moody was also responsible for bringing an appreciation of science to the fundamentalist Christian community; prior to the films, it had been widely believed among fundamentalists that science led "directly to atheism".[1]

They produced a lot of quite mainstream science films that they infiltrated into public school classrooms and the US military[3] — always taking time to say that God was responsible. MIS's infiltration in the opposite direction, fundamental Christianity infiltrated by science, can be viewed as the precursor to intelligent design.[3]

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