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Science and Human Origins is a misleadingly named Christian anti-evolution book written by developmental biologist Ann Gauger, molecular biologist Douglas Axe and attorney Casey Luskin. It was published by the Discovery Institute in June 2012. All of the authors are Christian creationists and belong to the Discovery Institute.[1] Whilst the authors are well-qualified in their own fields none of them have any education in anthropology.


The book argues that humans do not share a common ancestor with chimpanzees, and that humanity has descended from the biblical Adam and Eve.[2][3] According to the book, humans cannot have evolved as we have intelligence.[note 1] Furthermore, a natural process cannot explain human origins so God must have done it.


Many feel that is an anti-science book and has received negative reviews from scientists for pushing a religious agenda. The sole purpose of the book was an attempt to try and prove Adam and Eve existed. The book has been debunked chapter by chapter in a lengthy online review by Auckland University of Technology Ph.D. candidate Paul McBride.[4][5]


  1. Which is something the authors lack.