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Eugene G. Windchy

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Eugene G. Windchy is an American creationist (or at least, anti-evolution) author, notable mostly for his 2009 book, The End of Darwinism: And How a Flawed and Disastrous Theory Was Stolen and Sold. It was approvingly quoted by Pat Buchanan in an opinion piece[1] that drew the attention of various anti-creationists, including PZ Myers, who called Windchy a "creationist crank" in his reaction to Buchanan's piece.[2]

Other deeds[edit]

According to the biography provided on his publisher's website, in the 1960s Windchy was Assistant Science Adviser for the U.S. Information Agency. He left that job to "investigate" the Gulf of Tonkin incidentsWikipedia (a naval confrontation which was the justification for an escalation of US involvement in the Vietnam War).[3] The result of his investigation was his 1971 book, Tonkin Gulf.

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