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John D. Morris

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This article is about the current head of the Institute for Creation Research. For other pages named Morris, see Morris.
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I especially disassociate myself from the blasphemous use of a profound Scriptural truth to promote a scientific and political lie.
—John D. Morris[1]

John D. Morris is a young Earth creationist and the current president of the Institute for Creation Research.[2] He is the son of the Institute's founder, Henry Morris.

Before he ascended to the throne previously occupied by his father he was the author of a number of hard-hitting articles published by the Institute, including What Can We Do About the Public Schools?,[3] What is the Connection Between Homosexuality and Evolution?,[4] and Are Plants Alive?.[5]


Apparently, he has several degress:[6][2]

  • B.S., Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA, 1969 (Civil Engineering)
  • M.S., University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 1977
  • Ph.D.. University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 1980 (Geological EngineeringWikipedia)

This must mean his arguments are correct because degrees automatically make someone correct.

Noah's Ark and the Flood[edit]

John Morris is very keen on Noah's Ark, having gone on at least 13 expeditions to Mt. Ararat to search for it.[1] All of these were, obviously, failures. Nevertheless, he considers himself an expert on the subject.

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