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Texas Citizens for Science is a citizens' group which was established to monitor the Texas State Board of Education's work on textbook standards for Texas public schools. In particular this group opposes the efforts of Discovery Institute (DI) and several of its supporters on the board to insert intelligent design (ID) in the textbooks under the guise of "correcting errors" (Teach the controversy). This organization has a variety of information on their website and a newsletter. Recently they were able to catch an ex parte attempt of one of the board members (Don McLeroy) to intimidate publishers into including ID materials in textbooks, despite a vote and the decision of the entire board not to include the bullshit material.

The work of this group is important beyond the scope of Texas, as Texas is a large purchasers of textbooks, and textbook publishers are likely to sell the same books approved for use in Texas in other states. In working to prevent DI from inserting ID into Texas books they are helping everyone to get pseudoscience out of science books in your state.

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