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Out-of-place fossils

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According to creationists, out-of-place fossils are fossils which are somewhere that they shouldn't be, which disproves either (a) radiometric dating or (b) evolutionary and fossil history. Out-of-place fossils are basically out-of-place artifacts, but for creationism.

Arthur Chadwick, a creationist, sums up the problems with this approach pretty well:[1]

[T]he conclusion that these findings support [creationism[note 1]] is a non sequitur until all cause for concern regarding modern contamination has been eliminated.



  1. In the reference, Chadwick is referring specifically to Roraima pollen. The general point holds true, however.


  1. Arthur V. Chadwick, "Precambrian Pollen in the Grand Canyon — A Reexamination," Origins, 8:1, 1981