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This article is about a Christian organisation. There is no hokey 1980s karate movie series by this title, but if you were vaguely thinking there was, see martial arts woo.

The Way of the Master is an evangelical Christian organization based in Bellflower, California that provides "pop culture apologetics for Evangelical Christians."[1] Formed in 2002 by former child actor Kirk Cameron, author Ray Comfort, and radio host Todd Friel, the ministry produces Christian based television shows, books, pamphlets and tracts. It also provides online services and Bible evangelical classes. The logo of the ministry incorporates the letters, WDJD, standing for "What Did Jesus Do?"

The Masterful approach[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Ray Comfort § Are you a good person?

The basic evangelistic approach followed by the organization can be summarized as:

Have you ever done something bad? If so, God will send you to hell. Repent, turn to Jesus and buy religious material that Ray Comfort supplies.

This approach raises some important questions:

  • Why would a loving God make us so we all cannot stop ourselves sinning and send most of us to Hell for what we can't prevent?
  • Why would Jesus need to die on the cross? Since God supposedly made us imperfect we are not at fault for our imperfections.
  • And...why did Jesus have to suffer and die in the first place? Couldn't God have chosen to forgive us without requiring a human sacrifice?


Watch as Ray and Kirk share the gospel with teenagers, intellectuals, atheists, Muslims, Jews, cults, backsliders, and the self-righteous.
—Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron show others how to annoy the hell out of people on the street[2]

The Way of the Master includes a television show hosted by Cameron and Comfort. They produce thirteen episodes a season, and thus far have made it to Season 4. The website Atheism Wiki has critical reviews of most of the shows in the first three seasons.[3]

The Way of the Master Radio was a syndicated two-hour, daily radio show hosted by former stand-up comedian Todd Friel. The show ran from January 2006 until November 2008, when it was renamed Wretched Radio, broadcast through FamilyNet.[4]

Key Members[edit]

Apart from Ray Comfort, Kirk Cameron, and Todd Friel, other key members of the organization include the following;

  • Tony "Law Man" Miano worked for 20 years as a deputy in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with the latter part of that career as a chaplain to the law enforcement community. He's also one of the instructors, heading the evangelism training conducted by Way of the Master through their "Ambassadors Academies".
  • Emeal "EZ" Dwayne is the General Manager of Way of the Master/Living Waters ministries, and the force behind the commercialization of the organization.
  • Trisha Ramos is a pawn of "wretched" radio; most of her videos are just applications of the good person test via fishing for marks and other similarly flawed methods of evangelism, while pushing the various products that Living Waters Ministry produces.

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