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Scientists Confront Creationism

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Scientists Confront Creationism is a collection of essays pertaining to creation science, published in 1984 by Norton Paperbacks.[1] This is one of the first books to directly attack the arguments offered by creation science, rather than just discussing the veracity of evolution itself.


  • George O. Abell Ph.D. astronomy: on the age of the Earth and creationists' common mischaracterization of the reliability of radiometric dating.
  • C. Loring Brace Ph.D. anthropology: dismisses the idea that humans are "new" (like 6,000 years new) to the planet by providing mounds of anthropological evidence of civilizations older than 6,000 years.
  • Stephen G. Brush Ph.D. theoretical physics
  • John R. Cole Ph.D. anthropology
  • Joel L. Cracraft Ph.D. biology
  • Russell F. Doolittle Ph.D. chemistry: on debunking the "probability" argument.
  • Frederick Edwords: administrator of the American Humanist Association.
  • Laurie R. Godfrey Ph.D. anthropology: specifically addresses the creationist claim that gaps in the fossil records undermine evolution.
  • Stephen J. Gould Ph.D. professor of geology: does what Gould does best: eviscerate creationist lies.
  • Thomas H. Jukes Ph.D.: biochemistry on the then-new molecular evidence for evolution.
  • Alice B. Kehoe professor of anthropology and expert on the cultures of pre-Columbian North Americans.
  • John W. Patterson M.S. mining engineering: explains and debunks the chronic bad habit of creationists using the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics to "disprove" evolution.
  • David M. Raup Ph.D. paleontology: retired department head of the University of Chicago Department of Geophysical Sciences and curator of the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, specifically debunks "Flood geology".
  • Robert J. Schadewald: freelance science writer.
  • Steven D. Schafersman Ph.D. geology: debunks the common creationist canard that "evolution is based on unproven preconceptions" that lead to confirmation bias and flawed conclusions.

A new edition of the book with different chapters was published in 2008 to confront intelligent design.[2]

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