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Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump

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The Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump began years before he actually won the 2016 Republican Party presidential nomination. Indeed, Trump has been involved in politics for quite some time.

The Donald begins[edit]

George H.W. Bush started this when he considered Trump for vice president and planted the idea in his head, not realizing that Trump was some kind of Cthulhu in the making and unknowingly screwing his second son out of the chance.[1]

If there is anything this election has taught us, it's that Trump is playing Korean Starcraft while everyone else is playing checkers. He registered the slogan "Make America Great Again" six days into Barack Obama's second term.[2] There has been some (mostly baseless) speculation that Trump's entire candidacy is revenge for Obama's Roast jokes.

Testing the waters[edit]

My audience, 90% of them, they support you.
Alex Jones to Trump, in a 2015 Infowars-exclusive interview[3]

Trump was a long-shot Republican contender for the 2012 Presidential nomination, so he could have run against Barack Obama. Then as now, Trump had no political experience, though he has a good deal of bankruptcy[4] business experience. Trump's ongoing activities were hard to reconcile with "conservative" positions: he owes a substantial portion of his wealth to his involvement in the gambling industry, and his apparel line is manufactured in the very country that he wanted to hit with punitive tariffs.[5] In 2011, he also became the first presidential hopeful to use the word "fucking" in a speech.[6]

When compared side-by-side with old Fox News personalities, it's pretty clear Trump was doing something akin to that (You suck, America! Now buy my book and I'll tell you why). Content to surf the media wave and pocket the donations,[7] Trump didn't hesitate to jump on the birther bandwagon, demanding to see Obama’s long-form birth certificate. He also believes Bill Ayers ghostwrote Dreams From My Father.[8][9]

He dropped out of the race after the aforementioned speech, which went against his work ethic heavily endorsed on The Apprentice. (Don't give up!) It can be speculated that this was an elaborate ruse to pump up the show in ratings. After NBC took The Apprentice off the air in '07, Trump returned to hawking steaks.[note 1]

2016 Presidential Run[edit]

The nostalgic days of 2015 when no one thought he was going anywhere.

Much to the dismay of GOP power-brokers and the delight of comedians everywhere, Trump declared in June 2015 that he is again running for POTUS on the 2016 Republican Presidential ticket. Blunders and confusion mark the Trump campaign, with some even going so far as to suggest that Trump may be suffering from Alzheimer's or senile dementia due to his age;[10] since his father suffered from Alzheimer's before his death in 1999, this conspiracy theory isn't as far-fetched as it sounds...[11]

He immediately received backlash for his racist comments against Mexican immigrants during his announcement speech, which cost him his beauty pageant and other television deals.[12][13][14]

Trust me with donated campaign money[edit]

Trump gave $35,000 to an advertising company called Draper-Sterling. Like, from Mad Men.[15] The firm doesn't exist, and this is their address in New Hampshire. So far he has paid $4 million to himself for flying in his own plane, $200K to Trump Tower, and $400K to his campaign headquarters in Palm Beach (his own country club). Most hilarious is $1.8 million paid to the company making/distributing Trump hats, which is owned indirectly by Trump’s son Eric.[16] Suspiciously much money ($6 million estimate) goes to Trump owned companies and Trump's family.[17] Hillary Clinton joked, "What is Trump spending his meager campaign resources on? Why, himself, of course."[18]

It's like Trump is skimming off the top, except his fundraising is so bad that the "top" is the whole thing. It's also unheard-of for a major party convention to be begging for $6 million at the last minute. These should be huge red flags to anyone.[19]


They don’t really know or care what he stands for, only that he’s an extended middle finger at the hated political class and the national GOP. He FIGHTS!... His appeal to them isn’t so much ideological as it is nihilistic.
—Rick Wilson, GOP strategist[20]

Donald Trump has plenty of bad ideas. The people are being conned and misled, as is so characteristic of Trump's schemes. He has a whole AOTD chapter dedicated to making promises, no matter how grand, by drawing on the emotional side of a person. Because this is when you can start working them.[21]

Issue "Solution"
National Security
Trump infamously skipped the military because he had a bone spur, but doesn't remember which foot it was on.
As with most of Trump's positions, the answer is "all of the above". (America can't afford to be the world's policeman. We need to expand the military.[22])
  • Trump thinks we should "close up" the internet to stop ISIS. Just like that! Which likely means, Whatever I don't like will be shut down.[23]
  • In what Tricky Dick on a bender might mistake for a foreign policy strategy, Trump said that the way to defeat ISIS was to "bomb the shit out of them", then send [Exxon]Mobil to suck out all the oil.[24]
  • He advocates for civilian deaths in war, saying we should "take out their families." Further, he's talking the whole family: grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, half-siblings, children, siblings-in-law, and their children. Whoever has a familial connection to the terrorist, he wants to wipe them out, regardless of their culpability.[25][26] (Clue Brick: It's also a war crime under Article 33 of the 4th Geneva Convention.)
  • He'll bring back torture, though he knows it doesn't work, since "they deserve it anyway."[27] He'd also "go much further" than waterboarding suspected terrorists, and thinks that dipping the bullets in pigs' blood before shooting Muslim prisoners is a cool way to deter terrorism, and certainty not a recruiting bonanza.[28]
  • Trump supports the ability of the NSA to be able to collect bulk metadata and has enjoyed himself at the idea of the surveillance of mosques.[29][30]
Border security Hispanic people are lazy and come here to get welfare and commit crime. Also they're stealing all our jobs.[31] Oh, and also rape our women.
  • The wall Trump proposes to stop illegal Mexican immigrants is a non-starter. Mexico will not pay, and Pew research suggests more Mexicans are returning to Mexico than are emigrating to the United States.[32] Moreover, the majority of US construction workers are undocumented Mexican immigrants. D'oh.[33]
  • He's talked about the materials the wall will be built of. He's talked about putting his name on it. Metaphorically, of course.[34] The wall is about his only concrete idea (pun intended) that he has consistently campaigned on, and he's already waffling on it.
  • He has since doubled down, explicitly calling for a national database that registers and identifies all Muslim Americans. (We really need more Inquisitions.[35][36]) In a rally in Wisconsin, he clarified to Chris Matthews that the register wouldn't apply to wealthy Muslims. That the policy only applies to poorer Muslims might make them more disposed to fight ISIS and help MAGA![37][38] He's like the kid that just read the back of the book before writing a book report, and will literally fight you if you tell him he got the whole general plot wrong.
Foreign policy It's abundantly clear he doesn't know anything about foreign policy.[39]
  • You get a nuke! You get a nuke! Everybody gets a nuke![40]
  • In response to further military provocations by North Korea that apparently failed to alert him to the fact that North Korea probably wanted him to overreact like this, Trump gave a speech at the United Nations on September 19th, 2017 that can be considered quite batshit with some justice, especially considering a singularly odd reference to a mid-70's song by Elton John.[41]
  • Trump has begun to pivot away from his earlier statements[42] ("sorta neutral") about Israel. But that's just evidence of his famous "flexibility."[43][44]
  • Trump also wants to Mafia-ize the U.S.'s national security posture. (It'd be a sad sight if Russia invaded you next week.) The military is oversized because of their own military adventures, and he has the gall to chastise Europe for not chipping in.[45]
  • Trump has hinted he may go to war if Mexico refuses to pay for nonsensical building projects.[46]
  • Trump said, in interviews with The Atlantic[47] and the New York Times,[48] that he would ignore NATO's defense policy if NATO members do not increase defense spending. He has however stopped short of saying the US should actually leave NATO;[49]
  • Trump is also lukewarm on the idea of actually going to war to defend fellow NATO member states, using tiny Montenegro as a particularly surreal example - because, as he put it,"They're very strong people, they're very aggressive people. They may get aggressive and, congratulations, you're in World War Three."[50]
  • Trump does "not so much" trust intelligence (presumably because he doesn't have any of his own), because Iraq.[51]
Economic plan Get rid of NAFTA, NATO, NASA, the NAACP, and anything with an N.[52][53]
  • It's dizzying how quickly Trump has hitched himself to the Brexit campaign (right down to NAFTA's equivalent of "Article 50"). He argued that Hillary Clinton is "100% wrong" because her view of the referendum differed from the outcome, whereas Trump wisely chose the side that "won." Trump is doing the media's work for them by branding Brexit a dry run of what a Trump presidency would be like.[54] He has even gone so far as to call himself "Mr. Brexit", claiming that as the crooked media kept skewering those damn polls for the remoaners, the crooked media is skewering these damn polls over in the US for Clinton.[55]
  • What is his position on jobs? He's going to "bring them back!"[56] Republicans and Democrats have already dropped the ball on helping those most affected by outsourcing; Trump wants to roll back free trade and raise tariffs, but that won't necessarily fix the problem.[57][58] On the contrary, it's a threat to eliminate hundreds and thousands of American jobs.[59] Their paychecks wouldn't even keep up with inflation if they get what they want.[60] But the average voter won't look a whole lot deeper than that free trade is "killing us!"
  • Trump's 18th century economic plan (aka mercantilism) sounds like the work of a businessman who's made strategic use of bankruptcy.[61] It would wreak havoc on the dollar and turn US Treasury Bonds from the safest place to put your money into a risky proposition which investors would stay away from. You can't unring the bell on his plan; just ask any country that ruined their currency long-term for a short-term benefit.[62]
  • The Trump Tax Cuts aren't just right-wing, they're crazy-wing. They've been criticized by conservatives for the huge deficits that would result, and by liberals since the main beneficiaries of his cuts are the very wealthy.[63][64][65]
"The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."
Jerry Brown tends to be frugal with his endorsements. Hearing Trump say asinine things regarding climate[66][67] ("there is no drought!"[68]) must have pushed him over the edge.

But when it affects Trump's golf course, then climate change IS real, it IS happening, and urgent action must be taken.[69]

Energy Trump wants to pull out of all climate agreements,[note 2] get rid of environmental regulations, and increase the use of coal (which is not surprising, given his statement that "I have friends that own [coal] mines".[70][71] Standard GOP pandering.[72] He also states that he wants energy independence. He dislikes renewable energy, saying that "wind [turbines] kill all your birds" (a patently false claim — cats kill many times more birds) and that solar power doesn't work well (another absurd statement).[70]

Wait... is he still using "America First"?[73] (He's going with the Third Reich's "worker's party" thing too.[74]) Can't tell if he is intentionally fucking with us, or is actually adopting Goebbels' playbook.[note 3]

Healthcare So, pretty much Obamacare except that the insurance companies can headquarter in whichever states have the weakest consumer protection laws and force their plans on everyone else.[75]

For all of Trump's macho-man image, this is a remarkably pusillanimous plan. Trump's candidacy is based on ditching GOP orthodoxy, but this healthcare plan is a standard Republican nothingburger that is indistinguishable from what a lot of others have offered up. This indicates that Trump does not feel secure about his position in the nomination process, and is trying to signal to the establishment that he can adopt some of their stances, too.[76]

First Amendment It's becoming of a bit of a running gag how Trump keeps threatening to sue people who are critical of him.[77][78][79] (As you may have guessed, Trump rallies tend to be a gold mine for muckraking reporters.) So of course he wants to "open up the libel laws," which would completely undo the First Amendment, making it easier to sue media outlets that dare to criticize him.[80][81]

Since actions speak loudest, especially where Trump is concerned, what has he done in the meantime? Ejected journalists at his rallies simply for being journalists.[82] No person, no problem!

Khizr Khan's claims at the 2016 Democratic National Convention that Trump had not read the US Constitution seemed to be reinforced by Trump's comments that Khan "had no right" to claim that he had not read the Constitution – clearly not reading the First Amendment, giving him the right to free speech.[83]

Is someone protesting in a way Trump doesn't approve of, such as burning an American flag? The solution is simple: lock them up for a year or strip them of their citizenship - although the Supreme Court might take issue with the legality of such a move.[84] Come to think of it, Trump took issue with this strategy until he got elected President.[85]

Abortion It sounds like the main takeaway from Paul Ryan's sit-down was that Trump agreed to nominate anti-abortion advocates to the Supreme Court.[86] In 1999, Trump said that while he hated the concept of abortion, he viewed himself as "very pro-choice."[87]

At that aforementioned event in Wisconsin, Trump floated an idea to punish women who seek abortions. While speaking with MSNBC host Chris Matthews about how he would enforce it, he very quickly reversed the statement to say that he would make the procedure illegal and punish doctors who do so. The best part was when he said that penalties for abortion should not apply to men.[88] Shhhhh... Trump is pointing out the inherent contradiction in the conservative platform.

LGBT rights
A polygamous relationship gone wrong
While lukewarm on LGBT people getting married and serving openly in the military,[87] in 2000 he concluded that “‘Don't ask, don't tell’ has clearly failed,” and even blasted Pat Buchanan for engaging in the sort of chicanery which Trump is now.[89] Flash-forward:
  • Now he's touting "traditional marriage"—a concept he grudgingly admits is totally alien to him.[90] He has promised to appoint judges to overturn same-sex marriage if need be,[91] despite dismissing traditional marriage as a "dead issue" in the past,[92] and attending the wedding of David Furnish and Elton John.[93]
  • In the Prime Universe, Trump opposed the transgender "bathroom bill," saying trans people should be free to "use the bathroom they feel is appropriate."[94] Mirror!Trump, on the other hand, says it should be up to the states,[95] and is actively working to remove all protection and rights for transgender people.[96]
  • He's stated that he "wouldn't block laws" that permit discrimination based on sexual orientation.[97] But at least he won't behead anybody.[98]
Second Amendment In the course of a single convoluted sentence, he managed to say we shouldn't have guns in classrooms, we should have guns in classrooms, switched back to we shouldn't, and then finally wound up saying we should.[99] The secret service had a word with Trump after he claimed that "the second amendment people" should go out and shoot Hillary Clinton.[100]

Trump and Obama/Hillary at least agree on one point: he is against allowing people on the no-fly list to buy guns, even if they have not been convicted of a crime.[101] Weakness on guns combined with anti-Latino rhetoric could possibly open up Texas, so expect this to be backtracked in a few days or hours.[102]

IRS With Trump cratering in the polls, he suggested that we repeal the Johnson Amendment of 1954, which prohibits tax-exempt organizations (namely churches) from purchasing and running political ads. Nobody seriously expects the IRS to enforce the law, but it's meat that Trump is throwing to the evangelical wing and they're eating up like fools.[103][104] He needs them now, because a lot of them are threatening to sit out the election. Voting for a thrice-married adulterer isn't their thing.[105][106]

Trump wouldn't be able to change the law via executive action (tax law is Congress's domain), but he could order the IRS not to enforce the ban, which would amount to the same thing. That being said, it would be hilarious if American mosques started electing more Muslims to public office.

#Metoo movement
People[']s lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused — life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?
—Donald Trump[107]

It has been noted that Trump only complains about lack of due process when it pertains to people that he is supporting. Trump once took out a full-page New York Times advertisement calling for the execution of the Central Park Five,Wikipedia and continued to call them guilty even long after the accused were fully exonerated based on DNA evidence.[108]

... and that, boys and girls, is how a former pro-choice liberal in a shitty toupee stole the Republican Presidential Nomination.

Where did we go right?[edit]

Trump accumulates a few nuggets of cocktail party knowledge about political topics (7-11 was an inside job![109]) and sort of freewheels through it while trying to steer the conversation back to the main talking points, which are Building Stuff and Making America Great Again®. On Baltimore, he knows that people torched a Rite-Aid.[110] On climate change, he knows the difference between climate and weather, kind of.[111] Someone back at headquarters didn't know there were two different organizations called "La Raza" and sent out orders to use that defense in the Trump U. case.[112] Trump was endorsed by the National Enquirer and has parroted their "journalism" as fact, like the thing about Cruz's father and JFK.[113] (Also, the only person directly quoted in the Enquirer hit piece is Roger Stone, who also wrote a book on how he thinks LBJ killed JFK and regularly makes appearances on Infowars.) His responses on China actually betray a sort of thought process: what he's advocating sounds like an intentional invocation of Nixon's Madman Theory, and Nixon went to China, so we guess in Trump's head those things are somehow directly related.[114] His wife Melania's speech to the Republican National Convention was supposed to cap the RNC with a sincere defense of her husband. Instead, part of it was grabbed from Michelle Obama.[115]

There's actually considerable biographical evidence that Trump is serious about Building Stuff: sources close to him claim that he was deadly serious about the wall; the reason he likes it is that it gives him a physical thing to focus his imagination on, and he is not generally interested in abstractions.[116][117] As you'll note below, interviewers can get Trump to agree to pretty much anything, as long as they frame it as something novel.[118] He genuinely has no clue how the Executive Branch is run.

Situations keep arising for him to show what kind of leader he would make, and he keeps fumbling them; he lives in the moment and doesn't seem capable of long-term planning. The way he handled the Orlando situation is probably the best example of this.[119][120][121][122][123] Any credible Republican would spit-roast Clinton over the e-mail server and coast to the White House. Trump, instead, will posit that Bill had a bathroom quickie with Coney while the pair of them giggled about how they faked the moon landing and poisoned the populace with fluoride.[124][125] Any legitimate criticism of Clinton just gets lumped in with his never-ending miasma of conspiracy theory horseshit ("people are talking about" and "I'm just asking").

Adults in the room[edit]

Trump's "short list" for vice president included Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich, Ivanka Trump,[No, not The Onion] Joni Ernst, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Joe Scarborough, and Jan Brewer. On July 15, he announced that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana would be the nominee.[126][127][128][129][130]

Meanwhile he's been assembling a team of the worst politicians you can imagine. Corrupt shit-bags like Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich, ratfuckers like Roger Stone,[131] and now Rick Scott[132]—though really none of these people made it to the White House.

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind[edit]

Bircher tactics work. If this election is a litmus test, then the entire Republican party failed it.[133] And that really gets to the heart of the problem: The "Silent Majority" has always held these beliefs under the surface. They've not been very politically active; they're too busy hating the world for changing to even bother voting. But now, Trump has re-activated that base. This is right in Trump's own wheelhouse anyway. People forget that Trump joined the Reform Party back in 1999 and attempted to win their presidential nomination in 2000.[134][135]

So now, left with no Bush or Cruz, they've swallowed hard and endorsed Trump. But you can tell their endorsements are half-hearted. Trump might be a big player in New York real estate, but he's not a team player—the dressage crowd who somehow manage all to be related to one another (yep, even Obama is related to some of our famous political leaders). Adding to that, this is a guy who flaunts his wealth like someone who just won the lottery and has a gold-plated stroller for his kid. It's taking everything the party holds dear—capitalism, family values—and turning it into a reality TV joke.

It was expected to have down-ticket effects that the GOP are not happy with. Not only was Trump capable of fumbling the presidency right into Clinton's hands, he was thought to cost the GOP significantly in the legislature. Polls had Wisconsin senator Ron Johnson getting creamed by Russ Feingold in no small part because Johnson can't step out of the shadow of Trump.[136] And Trump's poisoning of the GOP won't stop after the election. Nobody knows how Paul Ryan is going to rebuild his image after an hour or more of accumulated footage where he weakly endorses Trump while simultaneously disavowing everything he says. And Christie... wow. Where to even start? He went from a contender for the White House to the guy who fetches McDonald's[137] for the blowhard who claims he saw radical Muslims in Christie's own state cheering on 9/11.[138]

The party is already fissured, and if enough people voted Trump in, career politicians would have to adopt platforms more in line with Joe Sixpack if they want to be electorally successful. And with Antonin Scalia's death, the stakes were just too high to let the presidency slip away. But when they thought that they're going to lose the presidency—and suffer serious losses in the fall—the party is finally ready to take their medicine. Like a gangrenous leg you must amputate.[139][140][141][142] They are in for a very unpleasant time in Cleveland (As long as everyone is armed, we'll be fine![143][144]), and Trump will run as a zombie, but the party will emerge more-or-less intact.

Some were openly calling for the Republican Party to refuse funding to Trump and give money to other vulnerable candidates instead.[145]

Trump embodies every stereotype the left has tried to stick Republicans with for years. It will be impossible to deny your party is sexist and racist when he is the standard bearer for it. Actually, not impossible. There are plenty who still deny it. Republican talking heads are half-entertaining rumors that Trump, a longtime friend of the Clintons, is actually one of the most successful political double agents ever planted.[146] It's easy to see the appeal of this theory: it's painful for conservatives to admit the party is getting its just deserts for pandering to cretins; they'd rather just pretend that it's due to Hillary's witchcraft.[147]

Stop and frisk[edit]

Nowhere was Trump's ineptitude on greater display then in the first debate when Trump argued in support of New York City's Stop-and-Frisk ordinance. In his rambling policy proposal, Trump showed he didn't understand the difference between local, state, and regional issues, and the limits of federal and presidential power. New York City's Stop-and-Frisk law was an anti-gun measure based on the idea that people don't kill people, guns do. Trump vehemently argued in support of this entirely local issue while campaigning for federal office, after having secured the backing of the National Rifle Association.[citation needed]

Then, in an effort to show understanding of African Americans' issues and concerns, Trump made the statement that Obama's hometown of Chicago had 4000 shootings since Obama came to Washington. In fact, Chicago had 4000 shootings in just the past year, and Trump was arguing for federal legislation to disarm law abiding citizens.[citation needed]

Trump's fellow RINO Rudy Giuliani, who evidently advised Trump on these alleged "facts", defended the stupidity while displaying his own total ignorance of America outside the New York media bubble and the New York City political milleu.[citation needed]

The victory parade[edit]

After a win that contradicted most pre-election polls, the celebrants include a motley crew of dictators, theocrats, and extremists.


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