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These are the most upvoted entries on the To do list.

Unfortunately it is not (yet) possible to exclude entries which are already done.


411Dr. Salvatore Cezar PaisWikipedia is listed as the inventor of four 2019 U.S. Navy patents that have been described as "Star Trek technology".[1] The patent names include "High frequency gravitational wave generator", "Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor", "Electromagnetic ‘force field’ generator", and the one that initially caught my eye: US10144532B2 "Craft using an inertial mass reduction device". A patent prosecuted by a navy attorney, defended by a Navy CTO, and pushed through in an unusual way. There is a comment by a patent lawyer discussing the unusual nature of this here. There is some good analysis in it, and the comments after could explain all those UFO sightings as military craft tests.
"It is a well-known facet of quantum field theory that everything can be described in quantum mechanical terms. The complex interactions between a physical system and its surroundings (environment), disrupt the quantum mechanical nature of a system and render it classical under ordinary observation. This process is known as decoherenceWikipedia. However, it is argued that we can retard (delay) decoherence (and possibly even suppress it – namely decouple a physical system from the environment) by accelerated spin and/or accelerated vibration of electrically charged matter under rapid acceleration transients. This may be the very condition to achieve a state of macroscopic quantum coherence, the idea being that we never let the system achieve thermodynamic equilibrium, by constantly delaying the onset of relaxation to equilibrium (hence the production of maximal entropy is delayed). The system may ‘violently’ react by generating ‘anomalous’ emergent phenomena, such as, but not limited to, inertial mass reduction." Implementations of these patents are possibly what was pictured in the AATIPWikipedia UFO videos released by Tom DeLonge and recently confirmed by the US Navy found here. He recently released yet another controversial patent, this one titled "Plasma Compression Fusion Device" would be small enough to fit inside of a vehicle and produce energy on the gigawatt to terawatt scale.[2]
390Metabunk.org: a site dedicated to refuting conspiracy theories, which, unsurprisingly leads to accusations of being a shill. Countless Youtube videos have whistleblowers "exposing" Metabunk.
390Something along the lines of race and police brutality in the United StatesWikipedia – title flexible, obviously – is desperately needed. There are tons of major incidents that have received widespread coverage (Michael Brown and Eric Garner being probably the most prominent) that all follow the same pattern: cop shoots and kills black person in circumstances that didn't warrant violent action, then gets away with it. Cover the incidents, cover the statistics, cover right-wing media distortions of the incidents, cover protests, cover riots and maybe even online responses (#BlackLivesMatter).
372Jeffrey EpsteinWikipedia Currently Formerly Currently Formally just a section in Clinton body count, infamous pedophile and alleged ring-leader with more than a few billionaires upset with him.[3] Of course, including the Clintons[4] and Trump.[5][6] He deserves an article after his recent suicide while under suicide watch. His eugenicist plans to create a master-race based on his own DNA, and interest in cryonics and transhumanism are also missional.[7][8] According to forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden who witnessed the autopsy, Epstein's wounds were concurrent with murder by strangulation rather than suicide.[9][10] Rick Wiles on the other hand believes that Jeffrey Epstein is "alive and well" and living in another country after receiving a full face transplant ... "or maybe even a head transplant."[11]
341CoreCivic,Wikipedia formerly the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), is a company that owns and manages private prisons and detention centers and operates others on a concession basis. CCA has been the subject of much controversy over the years, mostly related to apparent attempts to save money, such as hiring inadequate staff, extensive lobbying, and lack of proper cooperation with legal entities to avoid repercussions. CCA rebranded as CoreCivic amid the ongoing scrutiny of the private prison industry.
333Dr. Mary's MonkeyWikipedia is a book with a surprisingly large following considering how absolutely nuts it is. It details an insane conspiracy theory where (if I'm remembering correctly) a cancer researcher was using a linear accelerator at the CIA's request to try and create a virus to inflict cancer (in order to kill Fidel Castro) and accidentally created AIDS as a result and that's why she was murdered.
328Sutherland Springs church shooting,Wikipedia and the Atomwaffen scum perpetrator Devin Patrick KelleyWikipedia[1] A draft has been created at Devin Patrick Kelley.
317This so-called COVID-19 lab leak hypothesisWikipedia — with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying being some of its main proponents [12] [13] [14] — either as its own article or as a section in an existing COVID-19 article. Yes, RW talks about it a bit, but the hypothesis has been circulating outside of right-wing circles for some time. Indeed, while even the other wiki acknowledges that it basically edges towards conspiracy thinking, it hasn’t stopped others from reporting it as a supported lead to explain the origins of SARS-CoV-2. In fact, many have been speaking about it in the press as a working theory rather than what it is: a hypothesis, if not less than that. And while it may ultimately be true, the fact that it’s being advocated without any tangible credible evidence is concerning. This needs to be dealt with head-on at some point.
315The Cult Awareness NetworkWikipedia (CAN), aka Old Cult Awareness Network (Old CAN), an anti-cult group, and its doppelganger, the New Cult Awareness NetworkWikipedia (New CAN), a Scientology-controlled fake anti-cult front group. (See: wp:Cult Awareness Network and wp:New Cult Awareness Network.)
313Jim WatkinsWikipedia is a former military helicopter repairman and since 2016 the owner of 8chan. There are also indicators that he (or his son who admins 8chan, Ron WatkinsWikipedia a.k.a. C!Odemonkey on 8chan or CodeMonkeyZ on Twitter) might be the "Q" from QAnon on 8chan. He is also the owner of the far right Japanese messageboard 2channel.Wikipedia (monetized QAnon, Reddit evidence compilation, Fred Brennan proves that Watkins owns QMAP)
287AATIPWikipedia - a Pentagon program that basically searched for UFOs in early 2010s, cost 20 million, found nothing and was strongly backed by Harry Reid at the time. It hit the news very recently, so it might be nice to get an article on this while the usual suspects are still scrambling to shoehorn it into their theories. For eight years the project was headed by Luis ElizondoWikipedia until his resignation. On September 18, 2019 the US Navy confirmed that the footage Tom DeLonge has collected from AATIP was in fact legitimate.[15]
283 We should have an article on Christian supremacy,Wikipedia the societal mindset in the US promotes the superiority of Christianity and by extension Christians, be they social or institutionalized norms. (Think of the phrase "It's the Christian thing to do.") Note: we already have articles on the United States as a Christian nation, Christian Identity, and Dominionism.
283Doe v. Trump (2016)Create draft 1:16-cv-07673-RA ([16] [17] [18]) was the case of child rape filed against Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein for their underage sex parties at Epstein's residence in Manhattan in 1994, four of which were attended by Donald Trump.
Katie Johnson v. Donald J. Trump and Jeffrey E. Epstein (2016) 5:16-cv-00797-DMG-KS ([19] [20]) was another case where the pair forcibly raped three 12 and 13 year old girls at underage sex parties at Epstein's Manhattan residence in 1994. The plaintiff's filings were "voluntarily" withdrawn after she had received death threats, and the charges were then dismissed.[21] [22] [23] [24]
275Project 1794,Wikipedia a declassified 1950's Air Force project centered around the construction of a flying saucer whose details were disclosed in 2012. The extended delay between the end of the project and the release of these documents has led some to doubt their authenticity with claims that they were likely fabricated recently and "declassified" to explain UFO encounters retroactively. The documents' claim that Project 1794 was able to reach its goal of Mach 4Wikipedia when it was the predecessor to the AvrocarWikipedia project (which topped out around ~35mph) has also brought skepticism to their validity. The project was also named "1794", presumably after the 1794 silver dollar which became famous in 2010 when it broke the world record after being sold for nearly $8 million (the disc-shaped craft was silver and may have resembled the coin).
267Gun control in Nazi GermanyWikipedia - Whether as a separate article or as a sub-section in the article about gun control. It's commonly asserted that the Nazis took away everybody's guns and thus were able to begin committing genocide because they were disarmed. This flies in the face of that fact that the Nazis actually relaxed Germany's gun laws (albeit not for the Jews) after the populace were disarmed by allies after World War 1. A draft has been created at Draft:Gun control in Nazi Germany.
265America's War on Sex: The Attack on Law, Lust and Liberty, by Marty Klein. It's about the desperate efforts of the American Right to stop any form of sexual activity except vaginal intercourse between married couples in the missionary position with clothes on, the lights off and no birth control from taking place.
260Anti-gravityWikipedia or anti-gravity machine: It ties in with a variety of crankery, like John Hutchison, "lifters", UFOs, Podkletnov, super secret aircraft, etc. There's a short section in science woo and gravity is relevant. But a lot more to say, including Podkletnov'sWikipedia spinning disk[25], various things involving gyroscopes, manipulating a hypothetical fifth force, historical devices, etc. See the Wikipedia article on Anti-gravity..
253Street light interferenceWikipedia of the human variety, aka SLIders (not the TV show). A way some woomongers make themselves feel special. The Wikipedia article is pretty good, if understated.
245Ghislaine MaxwellWikipedia Her trial starts today.[26] I definitely expected there to be an article here already.
241Hunting Hitler,Wikipedia a History Channel show that claims Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, managed to escape from Berlin to Argentina. And the rest...is pseudohistory.
241After the 2019 release of the Afghanistan PapersWikipedia detailing that the feds had, as of then, been lying us for the past 18 years, maybe an article on them is appropriate?
241NESARAWikipedia (National Economic Security and Recovery Act), a economic reform proposal that later was appropriated as a conspiracy theory/scam by victims of the Omega TrustWikipedia scam as the "National Economic Security and Reformation Act". (NESARA on Wikipedia.) We can also comment on the "feasibility" of the actual idea.
234I don't know how RationalWiki typically deals with ongoing current events, but I think an article about the Russo-Ukrainian War,Wikipedia maybe in a liveblog-style article, would be pretty useful.
233Critical race theoryWikipedia is a critical examination of society and culture, to the intersection of race, law, and power. It is the newest boogeyman of the far right and is decried as a reverse racist theory, being used in the same way that they used Cultural Marxism. The actual topic itself is fairly missional as well. An article would be a great addition to RationalWiki (especially given the current political climate and fear-mongering about schools brainwashing children), either as its own article or a section of an existing related article.
233Matt GaetzEdit draft: the Representative of Florida's 1st district, and a guy that can't tell whether or not he should be a RINO, or a Steve King wannabe.
230Eric P. DollardCreate draft, an electrical engineer and inventor who claims to be continuing the works of Tesla and focusing on earthquake prediction[2][3] and what appears to be free energy.[4][5] His lab is mentioned on Wikipedia[6] as well as Powerpedia[7] and John Chappell's Natural Philosophy Society wiki.[8] He has had several successful Indiegogo campaigns.[9][10][11][12][13][14] He also has his own website,[15] and there even is an entire forum dedicated to his work.[16]
229Hellstorm - Neo-Nazi "documentary" currently getting hundreds of thousands of views on youtube. While it's obvious propaganda, I don't personally have the full historical knowledge to give it a proper RWing.
227Timothy Leary,Wikipedia dearie. Associated with psychedelic drugs and counterculture. Like Alexander Shulgin, missional to the degree that he made claims about the effects and usefulness of chemicals outside the pharmaceutical industry and accepted medical practice. Also notable because in 1969 his arguments against the constitutionality of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937Wikipedia ended with the law being overturned by the Supreme Court, and for a short time cannabis was legal. This cued Nixon's War on Drugs and the overarching Controlled Substances ActWikipedia of 1970 we have to this day.
227Gravitational wavesWikipedia have just recently been directly proven to exist, confirming an old postulate of Einstein's. May not be worthy of a separate article rather a subsection of the main Gravity article. What is really interesting to me here is the (hopefully impending) response by biblically motivated science deniers like Conservapedia to spin this into a narrative of "...and now let me tell y'all how this negates general relativity, physicists ideas for the origin of the universe and probably the whole scientific method altogether."
226AIPAC.Wikipedia It's a lobbying group and pro-Israel, so it's basically a giant magnet for conspiracy theories.
225From the darker bits of the Dark Enlightenment: James A. DonaldCreate draft (JAD, http://blog.jim.com/ ), the guy so racist even Eric S. Raymond calls him a racist and such an asshole even Slate Star Codex regularly bans him from commenting. He comes out with such gems as "National socialism kills people not because it is nationalist, but because it is socialist" and calls white nationalism "moderate leftism". And he has important information on the Jews. And he's an anarcho-capitalist. And he is also self admitted pedophile, rapist, rape and pedophilia apologist, admirer of ISIS and Boko Haram (for their solution of the "women question") Even hard core Nazis are calling him a monster. I don't think I've ever seen a non-asshole word from him, though I will credit him with enough sense to realise Bitcoin was unscalable from day one.
225Cryptocurrency:Wikipedia Currently [see what I did there?] just a redirect to Bitcoin. This should definitely be an article all of its own, between the conspiracy theories about it, the scams, and the miscellaneous other items.
225Andrew Yang,Wikipedia is a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate currently mentioned merely in small sections on the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination and basic income pages. We definitely need a separate article on Yang, considering his rising popularity, how much of his campaign and policies he claims are based on math and science, and the unfortunate alt-right support he's gotten despite being a progressive.
225False rape accusations.Wikipedia While this is partially covered in the article on rape apology, it could use its own article, since it's the favourite canard of the "men's rights" movement and it seems to creep into any serious discussion about rape. A draft has been created here. The's a relevant Wikipedia article: False accusation of rapeWikipedia, with a lot of information and references.
224Deepfake,Wikipedia technology that supposedly allows you to create video of anybody saying or doing anything. There's a lot of panic about it, and applications for the technology in fake news, porn, fraud, blackmail, etc, but some stories suggest it's still far from offering an easy way of creating convincing fake videos.[27] So it's relevant both for its potential at spreading misinformation and for the exaggerated moral panic aspects.
223DARPAWikipedia should have a whole host of conspiracy theories since it was responsible for the development of the internet, BRAIN Initiative,Wikipedia autonomous robots like PETMAN,Wikipedia etc. A draft has been created at Draft:DARPA.
221International Monetary Fund.Wikipedia I think most people will know about this transnational organization, hated by both libertarians for pushing down the throat Keynesian ideas (Keynes had much to see with it in the post-war years) and leftists for the economic policies pushed by them in those countries that received their bailouts (ask Greece even if the European Central Bank and the European Comission pushed the same ideas, as well as some LatAm countries during the '70s) and some of whose presidents have been involved in scandals, even if unrelated to this organization (ask Rodrigo Rato, Strauss-Kahn, or Christine Lagarde)
220The Socialist Rifle AssociationWikipedia is an American socialist firearm organization that is dedicated to "providing working class people the information they need to be effectively armed for self and community defense" and advocating for Second Amendment gun rights. It was founded in 2013 to give leftist gun owners who are turned off by the NRA's rhetoric and politics a sense of community.
218Sherry ShrinerCreate draft is the cult leader of a group called Faction Four who believe in alien reptile demons. She was in the news recently because one of her followers shot and killed her boyfriend after a dispute within the cult led to their excommunication.[17][18] Another follower killed herself in 2013 after not receiving treatment for schizophrenia which they do not think exists.[19] Sherry Shriner blames a NATO hit squad for the death. There also is an ED article written up that may have some useful info, but probably needs to be taken with a bit more than a grain of salt.[20]
215With protests against police brutality currently going on, I feel like an article discussing the movement towards defunding the policeWikipedia would be a good idea. It could include discussing its benefits and ramifications, debunking bogus arguments against it, and examining more extreme forms of it such as police abolishment.
213Tom HanksWikipedia was accused of being a pedophile with no evidence by QAnon nutters[28] then became an honorary citizen of Greece.
213Isaac KappyWikipedia was an American actor known for his roles in Thor, Terminator: Salvation, and Breaking Bad. He was also best friends with Seth GreenWikipedia until allegedly being approached by Seth about pedophilia in Hollywood and being asked to participate apparently referring to it as "chicken".[29][30] He claimed to fear for his life when he spoke out about this, but was later found suicided. He had also claimed that Marina AbramovićWikipedia, John PodestaWikipedia, Dan SchneiderWikipedia, Jimmy SavileWikipedia, and Tom HanksWikipedia are pedophiles, and further, Hanks has been accused of alluding to his murder in a tweet about "roadkill on Route 66" where Kappy's body was found. Removed Youtube video here. Archived here.
212Charleston church shooting,Wikipedia and the white supremacist Dylann RoofWikipedia who massacred nine African American people at a church in 2015. He has been pictured wearing the flags of Rhodesia and apartheid-era South Africa, as well as the Confederate flag. In 2017, he became the first person in the US to be sentenced to death for federal hate crimes.
212Carbon taxWikipedia: A tax levied on the carbon content of fuels, used to discourage CO2 emissions. Despite it's simplicity & efficacy, the proposal has been politically unpopular in many places, with attack campaigns pushed by Conservative groups & the fossil fuel industry. Tends to be much popular once in place. We currently have an article about the Australian carbon tax
205Vitamin CWikipedia (and ZincWikipedia) people take them when they're sick, but how much does it really help? Currently has a section in Vitamin and mineral supplements, but if Vitamin D has its own article then Vitamin C definitely deserves one.
205The Capitol Hill Autonomous ZoneWikipedia is a self-declared "autonomous zone" and de facto intentional community and commune in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington that was established on June 8, 2020, after Capitol Hill's East Precinct building was abandoned by the Seattle Police Department (SPD).
204Thorium-based nuclear powerWikipedia A lot of crap surrounding the thorium powered reactor in pop sci magazines, a lot of it debunked by thunderf00t.
204Secret Mysteries of America's BeginningsCreate draft, a four-part, twelve-hour schlockumentary by Dr. Stan MonteithWikipedia linking the founding fathers to every conspiracy theory imaginable. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
204Mark Rossini,Wikipedia former FBI agent who played a major role in trying to track al-Qaeda before the CIA blocked him from sharing the information that two known terrorists (Khalid al-MihdharWikipedia and Nawaf al-HazmiWikipedia), who later went on to carry out the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, had entered the US.[21]
204Jeff BezosWikipedia is the founder of Lexcorp Amazon. He is one of the richest men in the world. He briefly traveled to space, during which time he was one of the richest men off the world.
203Electronic pickpocketing:Wikipedia I keep hearing ads for wallets designed to protect against this. Any legitimacy? (There is a possibility to skim contactless/NFC cards, but you sure as hell don't need to buy a $80 wallet when a fetching tinfoil hat does the same job. Feel free to repurpose that blog post. We need a good title for this article.)
203Super PAC.Wikipedia How is there not an article on these yet?
201The O. J. Simpson murder caseWikipedia (officially the People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson) was a criminal trial held at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in California. The former professional football star and actor O. J. Simpson was tried on two counts of murder after the deaths of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman, in June 1994. We can write an article discussing the case not just as a cultural phenomenon but also discuss the overwhelming amount of logical fallacies (emotional appeal, Chewbacca defense, prosecutor's fallacy), dishonesty tactics and evidence gathering mistakes that took place during the trial and/or behind the scenes, which all had great impact on law in America. We can also discuss the impact on race relations that took place at the time. Simpson, being an African American, had a strong appeal toward the black community because of his seemingly squeaky clean image, charismatic personality and his rags to riches story with the majority of them believing he was innocent and being persecuted for his race. Because of this, there was a height of fear in Los Angeles of another race riot worse than the 1992 Los Angeles riots if he was prosecuted. Best books to use as research for the article would be Jeffrey Toobin's The Run of His Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson, and Vincent Bugliosi's Outrage: The Five Reasons O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder.
200GCHQ,Wikipedia we have NSA, but we need to do the other side of the pond's equally spy-y institution. Or they could be merged into one article.
200Plandemic:Wikipedia A 26 minute now-debunked short film starring Judy Mikovits,Wikipedia deleted from YouTube for promoting conspiracy theories related to COVID-19. Currently a redirect, a draft exists here.
198First Amendment auditsWikipedia - another creepy right-wing/libertarian anti-government thing, involves going into libraries and other public buildings and hassling librarians to test if they'll protect your right to free speech if you stick a camera in their face and shout at them.[31] Initially in the US but a similar group, Auditing Britain, has been invading COVID testing centres.[32]
196Alexander Technique,Wikipedia it is mentioned on RW under Alternative Medicine Education and listed as a "Medical Cult" in Martin Gardner's Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science alongside iridodiagnosis and zone therapy, but we have no page explaining what the technique entails.
195I see we don't have any pages for Georgy Malenkov,Wikipedia Nikita Khrushchev,Wikipedia Leonid Brezhnev,Wikipedia Yuri Andropov,Wikipedia & Konstantin ChernenkoWikipedia yet. We can't leave those comrades out, now can we?
194Green New DealWikipedia A proposed package of US legislation to address climate change & economic inequality. Legislation involving climate change have been proposed in other parts of the world with a similar name, such as the European Green DealWikipedia.
194 An actual article on Mass Surveillance,Wikipedia we currently just have Security theater, which isn't a very expansive discussion on the topic. Missional for explorations of authoritarianism.
193Keto diet,Wikipedia if not adequately covered by Low-carb diet. Here's /r/keto's "in a nutshell" explanation. Apparently the low-carb diet article has already got some criticism from the related communities, so the article should better appeal to the kind of people who'd pursue this stuff.
193ComicsgateWikipedia is a campaign, similar to Gamergate, in opposition to perceived "forced diversity" and progressivism in the content of North American superhero comic books and the kinds of creators who work in the industry. The movement has been described as part of the alt-right movement, and as a harassment campaign, which targets women, people of color, and LGBT individuals in the comic book industry whose goal is to ‘combat SJW control of popular media’. Given their reminiscence of GamerGate in terms of tactics, their excessive focus on Marvel's new Iron Man Riri WilliamsWikipedia, and how the group acted as a catalyst in the firing of Chuck WendigWikipedia, then this article should become a priority.
193Since Trump has been in the news for signing a federal ban on animal abuse, let's look back on Animal rights in Nazi GermanyWikipedia and/or/combined with Hitler and environmentalism.Wikipedia When these have entered mainstream conservative thought in America, you know something's up.
192Making a MurdererWikipedia is a popular Netflix documentary series outlining the case of Steven AveryWikipedia and his nephew Brendan Dassey.Wikipedia The pair were charged with the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach, but there have been several inconsistencies in the investigation that hint at serious corruption within the Manitowoc CountyWikipedia Sheriff's Department. Avery had previously served 18 years for a wrongful conviction of sexual assault and attempted murder in 1985 and was to be compensated $36 million before these new charges arose.
191Big OrganicEdit draft, or how the organic food lobby gets its way. A draft has been created at Draft:Big Organic.
191Vanguard America,Wikipedia an American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, neo-fascist hate group that has been attached to several acts of violence and domestic terrorism, including the car attack in Charlottesville on people protesting the Unite the Right rally. The perpetrator of the attack, James Alex Fields Jr., had been seen at the rally wielding a shield distributed by Vanguard America. The organization is also a member of the Nationalist Front.Wikipedia
191The Kyshtym dwarfWikipedia or Aleshenka / Alyoshenka was a small humanoid body found near Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russia.[22] According to genetic experts at the Moscow Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, DNA analysis of the clothes Alyoshenka was wrapped in revealed evidence that his DNA was of unknown origin. It was also tested for radiation, but did not show high radiation levels.[23][24]
1912020–2021 Indian farmers' protestWikipedia Indian Farmers Protest
191Florence Nightingale,Wikipedia a nurse who was an early pioneer of evidence-based medicine.
190Occupy DemocratsWikipedia An extreme left-wing series of websites with an abysmal fact-checking record and Breitbart style spin according to MBFC, Politifact, and Snopes.
190The Great Reset,Wikipedia a proposal to utilize capitalism to rebuild the economy sustainably following COVID-19, and a subject of conspiracy theories about socialism and NWO bullshit. A draft has been created at Draft:The Great Reset.
188Dakota Access Pipeline: Members of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation began protesting the construction of the pipeline in April, and were soon joined by indigenous communities all over North America. The peaceful protests are being suppressed by force, and given scant coverage by mainstream media.
188Q: Into the StormWikipedia is a documentary miniseries that recently premiered on HBO exploring the QAnon conspiracy theory and the people involved with it, including 8chan owners and administrators Jim WatkinsWikipedia and Ron Watkins.Wikipedia QAnon followers have already tied it into their "conspiracy".[33]
187Rick SimpsonCreate draft, who believes that hemp oil cures cancer and every other ill.[34] "I haven't seen anything that the oil doesn't work on." A two-line stub was created and zapped as "so what" in 2013, but this is pretty missional if we can get some substance in.
187Operation GladioWikipedia We don't have a page about GladioWikipedia yet. Plus, it's one of the circlejerks from CTers claiming that the War on TerrorWikipedia, is actually "Gladio B". A draft has been created at Draft:Operation Gladio.
186The Innocence ProjectWikipedia is a non-profit legal organization that is committed to exonerating wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing and to reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. To date, the work of the Innocence Project has led to the freeing of 337 wrongfully convicted people, including 20 who spent time on death row.
186Josef PappWikipedia or his Papp Engine which apparently used noble gases to generate electricity. It was demonstrated in front of Richard Feynman in 1966 but exploded, killing a spectator. Supporters claim it works like an internal combustion engine, except it uses sparks to produce explosions in noble gases. Since Papp's demo, there have been several attempts to exploit the alleged phenomenon, such as by PlasmERG.[35][36] There still seems some mystery around the 1968 demonstration, including claims that the explosion was deliberate, either to cover up Papp's deception or to protect the truth of limitless free energy.
1865G is the next generation of mobile phone technology, and the subject of a lot of rumor and urban legends, much of it recycling old worries about Mobile phone radiation frying our brains, but some new stuff too. There's a lot of paranoia about "5G is killing birds!"[37] Also more legitimate complaints about it messing with weather forecasting radar[38] and the whole Huawei controversy[39]. With 5G actually coming into service in various countries, this is going to get more and more important.
185Palladium hydrideWikipedia is an odd one that can absorb 800~900x its volume in hydrogen.[25] There's a lot of woo behind it including claims that it can be used to make a room-temperature superconductorWikipedia or even be useful for cold fusion allowing all those densely packed hydrogen atoms to be smashed together into helium. There are, of course, the usual claims that the price of palladium is being controlled and that the Illuminati are investing in it. I think it needs an article or even one on PalladiumWikipedia would be fine.
185Operation FishbowlWikipedia was a series of nuclear weapons tests. Cranks somehow think this proves Flat Earth.
183HuaweiWikipedia and ZTE,Wikipedia two popular smartphone manufacturers from China which made the headlines after being subject to accusations of spying and being a national security threat by the US government. Such claims have in turn been accused of being protectionism masked as security concerns.
183The importance of Yuri BezmenovWikipedia as a modern day quote mine can hardly be overstated. Originally a KGB officer, he defected to the West and subsequently became an anticommunist and a writer about subversion and propaganda. Everyone who has the displeasure of interacting with cranks of any stripe has probably been linked that one interview at least once. An analysis of what claims exactly he made and whether they have any actual relevance to the world today probably wouldn't hurt. (He is also prominently featured in the trailer for the next Call of Duty game.)
182ExopaediaEdit draft, an encyclopaedia for exoskeletons aliens. A draft has been created at Draft:Exopaedia.
181Bill WeldWikipedia Currently a redirect to the 2020 Republican Party presidential nomination article. He's an interesting candidate not only for his (comparatively) progressive views and the mere fact that he's the only candidate running against Trump in the RNC, but he was also previously a member of the Libertarian party and carries some of their support, so I think he deserves his own article.
180Apparently we don't have an article on Rosa ParksWikipedia? There should be one if only to account for all the idiots whining that they're being just like her by breaking the law to promote their bigotry and stupidity. Would that be called the "Parks Gambit", similar to the Galileo Gambit?
180Process Church of the Final JudgmentWikipedia An offshoot of the Church of $cientology with influences from Satanism featuring infamous members such as Charles Manson and David Berkowitz;Wikipedia the church itself or a splinter group known as "The Children" may have been tied to the Son of SamWikipedia killings. Manson said of the church: "Well, a lot of the guys were interested in studying how to clear your mind. That's where Scientology started. Then it got to be The Process."
179John McAfeeWikipedia Libertarian burn-out businessman who is running for President at the same time that he is under scrutiny for maybe committing several crimes. He is the founder of McAfee, Inc. (now Intel Security) and was a potential 2016 Libertarian Party candidate and plans to run again in 2020. He has come out against the TSA and government surveillance, but he may not know what he is talking about when it comes to modern encryption. He also appears to be seems prone to pop-psychology. He has also never been convicted of rape or murder, but not in the same way that you or I have never been convicted of rape or murder.
178FunVaxEdit draft, short for "Fundamentalist Vaccine", is the vaccine for religious fundamentalism described in a video allegedly leaked from the Pentagon[26] and later sensationalized popularized by Natural News.[27] It works by using a viral vector that inhibits/decreases the expression of the VMAT2Wikipedia gene[28] which has also been referred to as the "God gene".Wikipedia[29] A copy of the final report can be found here.
178Amazon RainforestEdit draft: As there has been a lot of misinformation about this in the media in recent years, it seems fitting.
178Tila Tequila,Wikipedia not to be confused with actual tequila, is a model who came under extreme fire for saying some Nazi esque things. Because of this, she was banned from "Celebrity Big Brother" (although, if I'm honest, no one really wants to be in Big Brother). Fun fact: she's both LGBT and Asian, so her sympathy with white nationalists is kinda ironic. Oh, and she's a Flat Earther. (Note: a page on her was previously deleted: RationalWiki:Articles for deletion/Tila Tequila.)
178Microchip implant, specifically the belief that we're all going to get microchipped so *they* know where we are and what we're doing and thinking, and to control us somehow. It's such a frequent claim that's a little surprising it doesn't have its own article. A good debunking is due.
178QAnon AnonymousWikipedia is an investigative journalism podcast that analyzes and debunks conspiracy theories. It is hosted by Travis View who has written extensively for the Washington Post on the subject of QAnon. Travis View was later revealed to be a pseudonym whose real name was Logan Strain.
177Indigenous science,Wikipedia an other way of knowing with a strange resemblance to made-up BS. Has an actual meaning, then getting culturally useful but scientifically questionable, but now basically just made-up BS. Spotted on /r/skeptic.
177VrilWikipedia- holy shit, we don't have a page on this?
176ASEA,Wikipedia another classic example of a water woo pyramid scheme, they make bold health claims and use vague, nonscientific descriptions of free radicalsWikipedia and "Redox Signaling Molecules", sometimes even mixing it with real science.[30][31] I found this quote regarding the ingredients: "Recently, a company called ASEA, was able to take sodium, chloride, hydrogen and oxygen (salt water) molecules, separate them and recombine them to form oxidants (free radicals) and reductants (which neutralize oxidants)."[32] They also have a YouTube channel.[33]
175Intervention,Wikipedia both the general idea and the A&E television series of the same nameWikipedia. Tricking someone into treatment under threat of excommunication doesn't sound like the healthiest or most effective route.
175Whitehouse.gov petitionsWikipedia An ePetition site started by the Obama administration to make the people's voices feel heard. It was mostly ignored during the Trump administration, then taken down the day Biden was sworn into office. But why?
173Leaky gut syndrome,Wikipedia a diagnosis purported by many woo-peddlers to be the cause of autoimmune disorders, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and autism. Mentioned in a paragraph in our article on Josh Axe, but since it's a widespread hypothesis in the alt-med world, is related to (if not exactly the same as) Andrew Wakefield's "autistic enterocolitis" bullshit, and is the rationale for the use of a number of supplements and fad diets to treat the aforementioned conditions--in a way that makes no sense whatsoever if you aren't aware of the leaky gut hypothesis--it deserves enough attention for its own article. While the ailment may or may not be real, the snake oil and "superfood" cures for it are all too commonplace. c.f. this article.
172change.orgWikipedia We have ePetitions, why not this?
172Nicolás MaduroWikipedia: 46th president and dictator of Venezuela since 2013.
172The Goop LabWikipedia: A Netflix documentary series hosted by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, which has received quite some attention & negative responses due to the amounts of Pseudoscience & health woo on the show. BS like: "Mushrooms being good for relaxation & health", "Icebaths being good for "making your body Alkaline" which, in return, gets all the poison out of your body" & "Needles are good for your skin". Others include: Energy Healing, "how to get rid of evil demons!!1!!" & female sexuality.
171Alexander Shulgin.Wikipedia Author of Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved and godfather of psychedelics. Missional to the degree that he made claims about the effects and usefulness of chemicals outside the pharmaceutical industry and currently accepted medical practice.
171We should create an article on the subject of a surveillance stateWikipedia since it has become an ever growing reality with the passage of the PATRIOT ACT, various NSA programs, FBI biometrics database, the FBI spying on Occupy and BLM, Five EyesWikipedia program, Canada's spying bills, etc.
170 The Woozle effect,Wikipedia aka evidence by citation, where frequent citation elevates a lie or error into the the truth. Something similar is mentioned with respect to Wikipedia at Wikipedia#Circular_reporting, but the Woozle effect is also common in academia where lazy citation of papers can lead to the repetition of untruths.
170The Rife machineWikipedia uses electricity in an attempt to treat cancer, Lyme disease, and other diseases. It went out of favor for awhile and has now been revived. Even Andrew Weil says they don't work.[40]
170Dr. PhilWikipedia: Another O-spawn -- some have even called him the male version of Oprah herself -- he promotes yet more alternative bullshit. Also, may or may not have molested a patient. Has recently been on Fox News.
170ACTA,Wikipedia or put an area for it in the SOPA article.
169Colin Powell,Wikipedia or how a moderate Republican got suckered into peddling the Iraq War.
167Fake conferenceCreate draft or scam conferenceCreate draft - the sort where there's no real scientific conference, just a lot of people's money being taken. Will accept SCIgenned papers.
167David Rockefeller,Wikipedia a pundit whose speeches are constantly quote mined for conspiracies.
167ADIFOCreate draft (All DIrections Flying Object) is a Romanian company which has developed a VTOLWikipedia (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft resembling a flying saucer that is able to fly in all directions having the same aerodynamic characteristics in each direction. The aircraft has a unique configuration as a circular shape, and the fuselage is also the wing.[41] The aerodynamic body is axially-symmetric and is obtained by rotating a bidirectional Dolphin airfoilWikipedia around the axis perpendicular on the middle of the chord line. An ADIFO platform was tested at low speeds in a wind tunnel providing high lift/drag ratio as well as a wide range of useful incidence angles, even over 60 degrees. The aerodynamic center is located near the middle of the chord line near the body gravity center. The aerodynamic load is distributed relatively evenly along the body surface and has no stagnation point. During transonic flightWikipedia the body does not generate any shockwave on the surface, and no sonic boom is generated. There are low vibrations, low aerodynamic noise, and low heating at high speeds. In transonic flight the drag is drastically reduced compared to existing airfoils which ensures very high fuel-efficiency at transonic and supersonic speeds. Moreover, the center of pressure remains close to the center of symmetry, meaning no jump of pitching moment, and insignificant roll and yaw moments. Also, there are no lift fluctuations, so in conclusion this will mean a smooth transition from subsonic to supersonic flight! Video here
167Bill Gates,Wikipedia former CEO of Microsoft and current head of the Gates Foundation who has recently been linked in coronavirus and anti-vaccination conspiracy theories.
166HmolpediaCreate draft — Supposedly there is a common trait among people of IQ over 200 (e.g. Goethe: 225), like the writer of this huge site and related tomes, which makes them understand some very complex phenomenon which is called human thermodynamics explaining everything, most importantly love and it relieves them of the pains of using excel spreadsheets to find the best mate out of 19 girlfriends; however Goethe’s testimonial is missing.
165El AlWikipedia: Israel's flag carrier, and a heavy target for some Anti-Zionist, sometimes Anti-semitic, and even Islamophobic conspiracy theories.
163The Crystal GridCreate draft: a woo-tastic website.[42]. Besides trying to build worldwide network of crystals, they've got a bogus cell phone radiation blocker.[43]
163FeministWiki:[34] is a website run by TERFs who, in a manner indistinguishable from that of the editors at Conservapedia, claimed "'RationalWiki' is a whacksite long run by teenage liberals who follow queer theory. (An ideology that supports prostitution and pedophilia because of its obsession with 'breaking taboos.'"[35] FeministWiki has repeatedly been caught promoting conservative Christian front organisations.[36] The person who runs the FeministWiki Twitter account is a self-admitted child molester who was previously suspended from Twitter.[37] All of the information mentioned above warrants a RationalWiki article for this TERF version of Conservapedia.
163CantelmoismCreate draft, what appears to be a (dead) "Reddit cult"[38][39] apparently obsessed with DMT.[40]
162Time for lulz: Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.Wikipedia This is an organisation led by 9/11 Truther Richard Gage. His website.
162Göbekli TepeWikipedia is a archeological site in Şanlıurfa (Turkey) it dates back to the neolithic age and it is unknown who has built it, how has it been built and why has it been built and this (of course) leads to nonsense. More specifically (ancient) alien nonsense.
161Bounty Hunters.Wikipedia No, I'm not talking about the ones from Star Wars, but real life ones, such as bail recovery agents. Learned about this one after watching this episode of John Oliver (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS5mwymTIJU)
161Allen Ginsberg,Wikipedia a beatnik, commie, homosexual, marijuana enthusiast, and an overall very liberal icon. I'm genuinely surprised that he doesn't have a RationalWiki page yet (see the Wikipedia article for a startWikipedia).
161Uplifting,Wikipedia the process of a sentient species enhancing the intelligence of another species with transhumanist sci-fi technologies. Eliezer Yudkowsky of Less Wrong writes on the topic. Many believers in UFOs are hoping that space aliens will eventually grant us such a boon. It would compliment the page for Cybernetic revolt and could discuss the CybermanWikipedia's burden to assimilate and upgrade others against their will.
161Meether ConceptCreate draft - cosmological pseudoscience that is currently being spread through Quora by its author a guy who just happened to recently discover it, Lou Liu, at a rate of ~2 posts a day. Begins with a reasonable-sounding explanation of the Big Bang, and progresses into outright batshit. "our soul and our Set Meether are one and the same. When our Set Meether pressure drops to zero, it loses its control over our body and our life ends. ImMeether will then vanish as our body decomposes."
161Zuma,Wikipedia the Pentagon satellite recently launched by SpaceX. Right now, it seems like it simply failed. However, that conclusions hurts not only the pride in US military and technology, but also the faith of myriad geeks in SpaceX and Elon Musk. This heady mix resulted in many theories that the failure was a false flag, it's working fine because it's stealth and it's actually meant to counter North Korean EMPs.
161Bisphenol A,Wikipedia also known as BPA. Harmful to developing fetuses? Causing widespread infertility in adults? Or just the latest public health scare?
161Roanoke colonyWikipedia - which has two complementary aspects. Firstly there is the question of what happened to the mysterious lost colony, with various theories and contested "evidence" including the Dare StonesWikipedia (now recognised as fakes) and other more recent finds[44][45]. But there's also the importance of Roanoke (and its newborn inhabitant Virginia DareWikipedia) for American white nationalism (most obviously VDARE but it extends way beyond it - the article Pocahontas mentions crazy theories that Pocahontas was descended from VD which relate to the whole system behind segregation); Andrew Lawler wrote a book on it[46]).
161Whales and specifically whaling,Wikipedia which is the subject of some scientific debate (basically the Norwegians and Japanese claim it's incredibly important for science that they kill whales, but nobody else believes them). We have a section on Whaling in Japan (Japan#Whaling) and an article on Whale Wars, but no overview that discusses the science. There is also potential material about whale biology, whale evolution, the keeping of killer whales in parks, conservation, whether whales are more deserving than other animals, and the history of whaling, that may be relevant (see e.g. Oil#Whale oil, and compare Dolphin).
161The ongoing Australian bushfire crisisWikipedia and the conspiracy theories that have been spreading like wildfire in response to it. There are claims that environmentalists deliberately started the fires to build High Speed Rail lines, that it's part of the Agenda 21 conspiracy to kill everybody, that 200 people were arrested for arson that on further inspection is only 24 and with no evidence they had any political motive for doing so, and a bunch of other wacky theories.
161Bélmez FacesWikipedia are a bunch of images on a concrete floor supposedly appearing out of no where.
161The Insurrection Act of 1807Wikipedia has been used by QANONers to claim that Trump is still the president because he invoked this act before leaving office. It places the military (General Charles A. FlynnWikipedia) in command, and suspends habeas corpus, and allegedly gives him the ability to strip the media of the their licenses. Apparently mixed a bit with beliefs from the sovereign citizen movement.[47][48][49]
161KetamineWikipedia: A moderately popular Dissociative drug becoming popular in recent years as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder. It's been responsible for cranks such as John C. LillyWikipedia and more casual users who become addicted to its purported "mystical" effects have been known to commit suicide as a result of their newfound delusions. It's also really hard on your bladder for some reason.
161RMS Titanic: As with the Lusitania,Wikipedia there seems to be conspiracy theories surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, e.g. that it was torpedoed by a U-boat or deliberately sunk for insurance money. (See here for one instance.)
160Shadow Inc.,Wikipedia the technology company that gained attention after their IowaReporterApp software failed during the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucusesWikipedia and received donations from Pete Buttigieg,Wikipedia Joe Biden, and Kirsten Gillibrand. Its parent company is ACRONYMWikipedia manipulates a hybrid model of a 501(c)4Wikipedia entity that does not disclose donors and a Super PACWikipedia that does.[50]
160Archaeological interest of Pedra da GáveaWikipedia - not in any way timely, but still a particularly delicious set of pseudohistory, pseudoarchaeology, pseudolinguistics, and pareidolia.
158TR-3 Black MantaWikipedia/TR-3B, alleged to be top secret US government stealth planes, beloved by conspiracy theorists.[51][52][53] Connected by some with black triangle UFO sightings. Or maybe they don't exist.
157NoFapWikipedia and Your Brain On Porn. If you've been on Reddit for long enough you should know what NoFap is: A subreddit (and now a site) about abstaining from porn and/or masturbation; movement is full of claims that abstaining from porn and/or masturbation gives them "superpowers". Your Brain On Porn is a site and book by Gary Wilson claiming that pornography is the new cocaine. I don't have a particular stance on it, but I'd like to see some RationalWiki writers take a look at them.
155TDP lampCreate draft aka biolamp (a reader request), with wooish claims of the magickal powers of far-infrared - the Wikipedia article is noticeably lacking in critique. Perhaps the wooish side of infrared in general.
153Montessori educationWikipedia is an education style focused on children's innate desire to learn. Its practices range from sensible to considerably less so. There are schools openly branding themselves with the concept all over the world, but the Wikipedia page is pretty slim. An editorialized well-sourced article here would be a great help to many parents, new and old, as well as their children.
152Lamaze,Wikipedia a natural childbirth technique.
151Project AvalonWikipedia - http://projectavalon.net/, also have a look at their forum
151There's nothing here about Eugene PodkletnovWikipedia?
151The Army of Northern Virginia.Wikipedia "This is composed of about 820 military intelligence people. They're the primary intel source for the president. Because he doesn't have faith in the CIA or the FBI. And Q gets a lot of the information from the Army of Northern Virginia." ~ Gen. Paul E. VallelyWikipedia
151CloudflareWikipedia is a DDOS protection service, DNS manager and domain name registrar that has repeatedly given coverage to Alt-right crank sites. They have bowed a few times under pressure, but there is a pattern here and they often have not. Also they pretty much are centralizing the internet with all the dangers that entails.
150The SimpsonsWikipedia For supposedly predicting everything from 9/11 to Trump's presidential run.
150biofeedbackWikipedia is the awareness and control of physical responses in the body that may be useful for treating stress and anxiety. Articles like brainwave woo link to the biofeedback page (which is currently a fork) and is referenced in many other articles so it is probably a good idea for all those links to go somewhere
150Mass Formation PsychosisWikipedia is a pseudoscientific theory about the COVID-19 pandemic that started gaining traction in January 2022. The primary driver of this bullshit is a German professor named Matthias Desmet.
149Bill Gaede,Wikipedia physics crank known for his theory the Rope Hypothesis. His WP article talks about his legal troubles, but the woo goes deep here and is very RW. Has followers. Site: http://www.youstupidrelativist.com/ Already in the list of Internet kooks and pushes the Rational Science Method. The Facebook group is remarkable.
149Something along the lines of Found footageWikipedia/Hidden Footage? It's a classic method Paranormal believers and conspiracy nuts alike are prone to resorting to as an easy way to fool the more Gullible on the Internet, whether it be a high-budget film or a grainy video inside a Freemason Lodge, and claiming said footage as proof for whatever crank belief/conspiracy they have.
148Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)Wikipedia by David Reuben - A sex guide from the late 60's which was a best seller in its time (inspired a Woody Allen movie of the same name). Relevant because the original edition portrays homosexuality as a disorder, advocates reparative therapy, somewhat flirts with the whole pink swastika idea, claims that all lesbians are prostitutes, and also recommends a Coca-Cola douche as a contraceptive (you can read about it all in the following link). I don't know too much about the 1999 revised edition, but based on Amazon reviews it's just as bad on the homophobia front.
148Mary Elizabeth Croft, author of How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man and her "spiritual economics" (again, please don't touch this unless you have a good understanding of economics and/or (pseudo)law)
147Implicit biasWikipedia - when you don't think you're biased against a group, but you behave as if you are (and most people behave that way in tests).
147Pesticide.Wikipedia Someone made User:Tweenk/Pesticide residue, which is relevant.
147Jean-Luc Brunel,Wikipedia another known associate of Jeffrey Epstein, he was arrested and charged with rape of minors. He was later found dead in his jail cell in La Santé PrisonWikipedia, after he died from an alleged "suicide by hanging".
147Rodney King.Wikipedia We've got pages on Matthew Shepard, Trayvon Martin and Vincent Chin; why not King?
147The RockefellerWikipedias/Rockefeller Foundation.Wikipedia They're as much a magnet for conspiracy whackjobs as the Rothschilds. One story, popular among paranoid anti-feminists, is that they started feminism so that women would eventually be allowed to have jobs and thus be taxable.
146VoatWikipedia Voat.co is the libertarian's answer to the recent censorship and bannings over at Reddit during the last few months. Instead of being all gestapo about free speech, it just lets people incite racial violence and other lovely things like that. It's home to such lovely rascals like "race realists", proud racists, Islamophobes (especially as of late), Nazis, Holocaust deniers, antisemites, and transphobics among many, many other brands of moron. They did remove the actual child porn. The site itself is fairly alright, but the vocal community is anger-inducing. Have fun frothing from the mouth with rage studying these idiots in their natural habitat.
145Processed food.Wikipedia Also something that will kill you. (Or save you. [54])
145uBeam:Wikipedia a physics-defying startup whose big idea is to transmit power by ultrasonic sound. If you do the numbers you'll see that this would require power levels that would not just deafen everyone in the vicinity, but be such that air starts going nonlinear. Site, breathless press [55][56][57] Any bored physicists in the house?
145Brilliant Light Power,Wikipedia formerly Blacklight Power, another physics-defying startup that claims to be able to burn water by knocking hydrogen into a state below the ground state. Amazed writeup here, the crackpot paper it springs from. Noteworthy because it's soaked up millions in venture capital over a couple of decades for something that literally defies physics. Quantum physics is all wrong, energy from water, guy with an MD came up with it, $100M from investors despite every scientific authority from DoE secretary Nobel Prize winner to American Physics Society spokesman denouncing it, etc. That there is no RationalWiki article about it is less believable. See [58]
145Earthquake lights.Wikipedia A somewhat-mysterious phenomenon linked with earthquakes and reportedly sometimes confused for UFOs (see also ball lightning). Wikipedia is vague.
145BP.Wikipedia Why?
144The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic PartnershipWikipedia - which parts of it are fine and which are not?
143PlasticWikipedia or Plastic pollution.Wikipedia[59] The subject of a lot of environmentalist scare stories.[60][61][62] But are they justified? What can be done? Are plastic bag taxes and plastic bottle deposit schemes useful or just window dressing?
142Non-Celiac Gluten SensitivityWikipedia (NCGS), which is likely to not exist at all and has been used to justify Gluten-free fad diets.
142Saturated fat and cardiovascular disease, and Cholesterol denialism. Since the discovery that there are two types of LDL cholesterol -- small, dense and large, fluffy -- the paleo diet crowd has started using that fact as an excuse to claim that saturated fat doesn't contribute to heart disease. (one example) Also, recently, the health difference between long-chain and medium-chain saturated fatty acids have come under scrutiny.
141Central limit theorem.Wikipedia The central limit theorem states that if you aggregate enough random variables, you find its sum within a normal distribution. According to FiveThirtyEight, the central limit theorem plays a key role in mathematical "proofs" of God's existence. fivethirtyeight on the subject
141Uranium One conspiracy theoryWikipediaAnother conspiracy against Hillary Clinton
1415-HTP,Wikipedia a supplement commonly advertised as a treatment for everything from depression to migraines to OCD by increasing serum levels of serotonin. Regardless of whether it works for these maladies it can be dangerous to take without taking CarbidopaWikipedia alongside to regulate it, because too much peripheral serotonin can damage the heart.
141Get A DripCreate draft/Drip barsCreate draft Get A Drip is a company that offers vitamin-filled IV drips in a clinic in the middle of a shopping centre. They have been in trouble for promising to treat infertility with a drip (it won't work), and doctors have pointed out that a one-time IV won't cure a chronic vitamin deficiency.[63][64] But the woo health press is all over them.[65][66] (I posted something in clogs before they got mainstream press in the UK.) The generic term for this kind of business is a drip bar, and has also received criticism in the US, with the general recommendation that you should just drink fluids.[67]
140Solar RoadwaysWikipedia is a crowdfunded, startup company which is trying to replace all asphalt pavements with solar panels which will power embedded LEDs that will melt snow and light up roads. This idea is entirely, scientifically flawed and unfeasible; Thunderf00t does a good job explaining why this idea isn't even efficient.[68][69]
140Eye color,Wikipedia specifically changing eye color that some claim correlates with their mood, weather, fatigue, or aging. I've also seen several versions of this eye color chart which does not accurately portray how Punnett squaresWikipedia really work[41] and could potentially lead some to falsely believe that infidelity has occurred. This could be its own article about eye colors or even just a new section added to the already existing eye article.
139Fight The New Drug,Wikipedia an organization dedicated to teaching the ills of pornography as well as treating addiction to porn using all the wrong methods. Full of Mormons and with some direct LDS Church support.
139TerasemWikipedia[70][71][72] made the news not long ago for tricking NCIS actress Pauley Perrette into appearing to endorse their arrant bullshit. It's been described as a "robot cult" and calls itself a "transreligion".
139Aluminum'sWikipedia connection (or lack of) to Alzheimer's and other maladies.
139John Bolton,Wikipedia future Trump train casualty, arch-conservative wingnut, chicken hawk extraordinaire, deserves to be mocked for a long, long time.
139Pete Buttigieg.Wikipedia Who is this guy, and how is he even a contender for the DNC nomination?
138Let's continue on with our liberal boogeypersons: Rosie O'Donnell.Wikipedia
138The Vega testWikipedia or Vega machineWikipedia[73][74][75], by reader request.
137SCIgen,Wikipedia the fake paper generator used to test scam conferences and predatory journals.
137The Fort Hood shootingWikipedia is now getting coverage because wingnuts believe Obama the FBI has a double standard for "not treating it as a terrorist act."
137United Constitutional Patriots,Wikipedia a right-wing militia group in New Mexico that has been illegally detaining kidnapping immigrants at gunpoint while they are attempting to cross the border. Their felonious leader Larry Mitchell Hopkins was recently arrested by the FBI on firearms charges.[42] There is also an associated Facebook page.[43]
136Applied ZoopharmacognosyWikipedia - "Applied Zoopharmacognosy enables self-medicative behaviour in domesticated or captive animals by offering plant extracts that would contain the same, or similar constituents to those found in an animal’s natural environment. The practice encourages and allows an animal to guide its own health, since unlike their wild counterparts, captive and domesticated animals rarely have the opportunity to forage on medical plants. The extracts offered include a variety of essential oils, absolutes, plant extracts, macerated oils, tubers, clays, algae, seaweeds and minerals. Once the animal has selected its remedy, it will then guide the session by inhaling it, taking it orally, or by rubbing a part of its body into it." Basically animal abuse with woo. (Quote from http://www.ingraham.co.uk/.)
136Lost Ship of the Desert,Wikipedia a legend about a ship stranded in the Sonoran Desert (or sometimes Mojave Desert), generally said to be in southern California or possibly Mexico. Probably Spanish, maybe pirates, but also claimed to be Viking, or crewed by lost Israelites. There is a rumored treasure, and various wacky people are still hunting for it.[76][77][78][79][80][81] It's the intersection of several myths: Pre-Columbian contact theories, legends from the American West about lost gold mines[82], and entrepreneurs worldwide promoting rumored shipwrecks laden with unimaginable treasure.
135Eyewitness testimonyWikipedia A common police procedure known for being unreliable but also known for having terrible methodology in regards to preventing contamination. An example of this is the police lineup which pressures the witness into picking someone out of the lineup even when the perpetrator isn't present. Eyewitness identificationWikipedia and the accuracy thereof, especially in law enforcement (e.g. identity parades, picking out mugshots), is an interesting topic that has been widely studied. The failure of people to correctly identify suspects seems to go against common sense, and has relevance to other epistemological questions, as well as to wider issues in the criminal justice system.
135Hunting and ConservationWikipedia; an article discussing how trophy hunting is being used to provide conservation in Africa by creating economic incentives for conservation over vast areas, including areas which may be unsuitable for alternative wildlife-based land uses such as photographic ecotourism. Arguments for and against should be used.
135Crowdfunding,Wikipedia from Kickstarter to Indiegogo and the even smaller sites. How many quacks gain support and apparent legitimacy for their books or "documentaries" through these means?
135JackalopesWikipedia are the elusive horned rabbitsWikipedia of the Wild West. They are often said to be a tall tale, although Shope papillomaWikipedia is actually quite common among rabbits and may provide an explanation other than taxidermy.
134Surprised that Malcolm GladwellWikipedia is a redlink. His glibness and propagation of scientific misconceptions in the name of popular science is definite article material. Also, history as an actual corporate shill. Also, the rich are so hard done by.
134The "Olduvai theoryWikipedia" that blackouts became normal last year and we're going to hell in a handbasket. Refuting chart.
134SteviaWikipedia currently has a one-line reference under Sweetener, but probably deserves more due to how common it is in food products currently. A traditional sweetener containing various sweet-tasting extracts that can be extracted easily just by boiling the leaves, stevia is incredibly marketable under the Naturalistic fallacy despite the fact that commercial stevia-based sweeteners are standardised extract concentrations made in labs. There is some fear it causes cancer (it doesn't unless you're eating a terrifying amount of it), some enthusiasm that it can help manage diabetic sugar cravings and people trying to lose weight (which, used sensibly as a substitute for sugar and not as a magical potion, it does), and a few weirdos convinced that it can cure cancer, cure depression, and provide infinite energy to earth from "cold fission".
134VeggieTalesWikipedia - a Christian Indoctrination program disguised as a children's show.
133The Great DictatorWikipedia is a 1940 American political satire comedy-drama film written, directed, produced, scored by and starring Charlie Chaplin. The film advanced a stirring, controversial condemnation of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, fascism, antisemitism, and Nazi Germany.
133Roseanne BarrWikipedia — TV star, Trump supporter, and multiple conspiracy theory believer.[83][84]
133Blue Planet Project, a notebook detailing several different types of aliens and our numerous exchanges with them. This document is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Above Top Secret government program. A copy of the document can be found here. There is also an associated Facebook page.[44]
133Prevent,Wikipedia the British government's anti-extremism strategy[85] founded under Tony Blair in 2003 but reviewed under David Cameron/Theresa May in 2011[86] and still active, initially founded primarily to combat radical Islamism, but also involved with countering the far right[87], and radical environmentalism[88]. There are concerns about freedom of speech.[89][90]
132The hygiene hypothesisWikipedia of child cleanliness and immune systems, e.g. [91]. There's a short section in food allergy.
132Insane Clown Posse.Wikipedia Because magnets.
132Libel laws,Wikipedia with information on their abuse by woo-meisters, libel tourism, and science by lawsuit. Could possibly be merged with SLAPP suit.
131Atrazine,Wikipedia the pesticide chemical that turns frogs gay, and Tyrone Hayes,Wikipedia the scientist who discovered this. He now runs a website: http://atrazinelovers.com
130archive.isWikipedia — currently just a redirect.
130Al-Anon,Wikipedia because people seem to think they are owned by the Co$ in the same way that Narconon is. Al-Anon and Nar-AnonWikipedia are twelve step programs for the friends and families of those affected by addiction and are associated with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, respectively.
129Colin Kaepernick.Wikipedia I hardly think this one merits an explanation.
129Disease mongeringWikipedia - There should really be an article on this IMHO. Wikipedia.
128Powdered alcoholWikipedia or Palcohol is the newest moral panic drug that has been banned in several states and was subject to a moral panic after the FDA determined the non-alcoholic ingredients were safe for consumption. It is mostly an ineffective way to get drunk, but that hasn't stop people from believing it will get you drunk instantly or that it can be used to smuggle alcohol into public places. [92] (Another Thunderf00t video)
127Flint water crisisWikipedia a city that is mostly poor black folks gets literally toxic water on the orders of an "emergency manager" who nobody voted for.
126Canada convoy protest protests/blockades against vaccination requirements and COVID-related restrictions that have become a cause célèbre of various far-right groups in both Canada and the US.
125 As it stands, the Oath KeepersWikipedia are mentioned by another article on this site, but I believe they deserve their own page, especially since they've been showing up in solidarity with a bunch of rightwing causes lately. The group was involved in the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot.
125Activated charcoalWikipedia - the newest fad involving ingesting and brushing your teeth with burnt wood.
123Facebook,Wikipedia considering its role in radicalizing people into antivax, QAnon, etc. groups, and the fact that it's allowed cranks like Mike Adams to gain massive followings, it definitely deserves its own article.
121Isaac BonewitsWikipedia was a prominent Druid and Neopagan as well as the only person to receive a degree in magic from an accredited university. (UC Berkeley of course.) He also wrote a commonly-used list of how to spot cultishness in an organisation. A fascinating fellow.
121Elon Musk is a business magnate, inventor, engineer and investor. He is the founder, CEO and CTO of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla Motors; chairman of SolarCity, co-chairman of OpenAI; co-founder of Zip2; and co-founder of PayPal. Has recently taken to talking up transhumanist and singularitarian woo as if it's solid engineering. One crappy stub version was already deleted, so please do a half-decent one if you do this one. Currently a redirect to Hyperloop.
120ComicsGateWikipedia is a political movement by the alt-right whose goal is to ‘combat SJW control of popular media’. Given their reminiscence of GamerGate in terms of tactics, their excessive focus on Marvel's new Iron Man Riri WilliamsWikipedia, and how the group acted as a catalyst in the firing of Chuck WendigWikipedia, then this article should become a priority.
120Tom DeLonge,Wikipedia former singer and guitarist of Blink-182 turned UFO hunter.[45] He also founded the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences and launched the website Strange Times[46] dedicated to extraterrestrials, paranormal activity, cryptozoology, and conspiracy theories.
120Filibuster in the United States Senate,Wikipedia Democratic Presidential candidates have talked about getting rid of it. There also seems to be a lot of confusion on what the filibuster actually is, and when there is confusion deceitful malcontents will be there.
120Oil pipelineWikipedia -- there are over 200,000 miles of these criss-crossing North America, some of which have attracted protests. On the one hand, people hate Big Oil™ and a big leak could be disastrous; on the other hand, petroleum pipelines are generally safer than transport by oil tanker.
119EnergiewendeWikipedia is Germany's transition away from nuclear power and towards renewables. Most of the nuclear reactors have been shut down. Unfortunately, this will inevitably delay the closure of coal-fired power plants. The project has faced difficulties in developing sufficient renewable infrastructure. See Draft:Energiewende.
118Black HammerCreate draft: an org run by one Gazi Kodzo, formerly a high-level officer in the African People's Socialist PartyWikipedia until they deemed him a public embarrassment. Known for anti-white supremacy and decolonial efforts taken to the VERY extreme, including anti-Semitism in the thinnest of trappings of anti-white supremacy, having a "Reparations Corps" for white allies to pay their way into (complete with steep payment tiers), and attempting to start a commune in the mountains of Colorado as of late, with no confirmed water rights and a harsh microclimate at the altitude of their potential settlement site. To quote @RabbitThoughts on Twitter: "I've no idea whether this is a cult, a grift, or just dreamers with no life experience. Either way, people could get hurt."
117Overtoun BridgeWikipedia, the "dog suicide bridge"[93], a bridge in Scotland where lots of dogs reportedly commit suicide by jumping off the side. This has got press attention for a while, with some blaming supernatural influences and others suggesting bizarre canine-psychological factors.
116Ateshgah of Baku,Wikipedia This structure in Azerbaijan has been subject to some controversy for a while. It is an abnormally well preserved shrine of some sort just outside of Baku that depending on who you talk to, is either a Zoroastrian Fire Temple, a Hindu Temple, or both. While it was long assumed to be a Zoroastrian Fire Temple some Parsis back in the 19th century who visited the place doubted that and suggested that it could be a Hindu Temple. This association at first seems a bit far fetched due to its geographical implausibility (and the differences between Zoroastrianism as it was practiced during the Sassanian Empire and Zoroastrianism as it is practiced now in India). While the association with Hinduism isn't entirely made up, as it is clear that Hindu Merchants liked visiting the shrine as is evident by the inscription they left behind, the idea that it was founded as a Hindu Temple, or was only a Hindu Temple is rather far fetched. However the existence of a relatively even sided controversy has never dissuaded the Hindutva types from claiming that said controversy is settled in their favor and this case is no exception. The other wiki has an extremely one sided article on this building.Wikipedia I would advise visitors visiting the page with Google Chrome to visit the same page in other languages (specifically Russian, Azerbaijani, and Persian) to compare with the English article. They are all well balanced, presumably because Indians don't speak any of those languages... Given that Wikipedia seems to have ditched neutrality for this one article, and given our critique of Hindu Nationalism and our evaluation of their various claims, it would make sense to have an article evaluating this issue.
116The Denisovans,Wikipedia as in the "Woman X" found in Siberia who may have inhabited the area throughout eastern Asia.
114Hypochondria.Wikipedia Not quite the same as self-diagnosis, but relevant. Current article is a near-worthless stub.
114The Satanic Temple.[94] A group of Satanists that are fairly active with social and political issues surrounding religious freedom, including their current mission to get a statue of Satan erected outside the Oklahoma state capital building.
114Serial killer.Wikipedia We have several articles on individual instances. I could see that an article on stereotypes vs. reality might be relevant, as would some comment on their prominence in Western pop culture.
114Laplace's demonWikipedia -- the whole idea of scientific determinism and how it doesn't work/gets falsified.
114Marijuana woo, a rich and high-THC seam of batshit claims about the health, economic and social benefits of everything to do with cannabis, and totally not just because the proponents want to get high as shit nonono. Currently two sentences at Marijuana#Woo.
114HotepWikipedia or Hotep movement; a sexist and conspiratorial version of black nationalism, mixed with standard Afrocentric woo about ancient Egypt.
113Bill CosbyWikipedia should be discussed, especially why he was an idol and a voice of wisdom, his comments before the accusations, and his massive hypocrisy.
112Sweatshop,Wikipedia a workplace where people are employed for long hours with poor working conditions. This wiki currently only has a brief mention of sweatshops in the Globalization article but there really needs to be an article about sweatshops not just a paragraph.
112Think we ought to have a page for Ivanka TrumpWikipedia? There seems to be a fair bit of material to rake her over the coals with, especially her recent epic fail at the G20 summit, trying to hobnob with world leaders who looked like, "WTF is she doing here?"
112Vicious cycleWikipedia - I've heard some people making arguments involving vicious cycles being falsely accused of making circular arguments.
111Tiananmen Square MassacreWikipedia - Pretty self-explanatory, a very violent crackdown on a peaceful protest which the Chinese government continues to cover up to this day.
111Savant syndromeWikipedia is a condition in which a person with a mental disability, such as an autism spectrum disorder, demonstrates profound and prodigiousWikipedia capacities or abilities far in excess of what would be considered normal.
111The Phenomenon (2020 film)Wikipedia: supposedly "The most credible documentary about UFOs". Cites loon Jacques ValléeWikipedia
111Pegasus (spyware),Wikipedia spyware from the Israeli firm NSO Pegasus that's reportedly being used by a lot of totalitarian/authoritarian governments to spy on dissidents and journalists. The Guardian did a big investigation.[95] A more general article about spyware might also be good, and could include Pegasus.
111"Everyone is racist - I just admit it" - an argument that certain racist individuals and organisations use to justify their prejudices. (Comment: Actually, it's a form of a more general argument: "everyone is [negative quality X], therefore [my (extreme) form of X] is OK", though I'm not sure what to call that one)
110Great ZimbabweWikipedia (Better idea: a list of the major non-Egyptian African civilizations, to smack racists on the heads with.)
110r/K selection theory,Wikipedia an obsolete biological concept, also taken up in the past by racialists (particularly Rushton) and currently a conservative meme (that conservatives are K and liberals are r, therefore science - frequently from people who previously didn't believe in evolution). This doesn't make coherent sense on any level, but we could do with a dissection of the meme version. (Koanic Soul of course gibbers wonderfully.) PZ Myers has a good dissection to crib from.
110Do we have an article on the tendency of cranks and their followers to dishonestly cite a letter to the editor in a peer-reviewed journal as if it indicates the journal supports their crackpottery or somehow magically proves their claims? Not quite quote mining. (It's similar to dishonest TV ads for a movie which quote "The New York Times", when in fact the quote comes from a newspaper ad for the movie and not from a legitimate critic.) Needs a snappy name too.
109Human nutrition;Wikipedia we have so many articles on food woo, why not a basic list of all nutrients you really need? Essential nutrients and what they do. Proteins lipids and carbs, various vitamins, trace metals, etc.
109The Rind et al. controversyWikipedia
108Midbrain activationCreate draft: woo marketed to parents in India to pay for coaches to train up their kids' midbrains. Skeptics in India deal with this one a bit. [96][97]
108COINTELPRO,Wikipedia a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. Discussed briefly in the article on the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The topic appears in all sorts of conspiracy theories and might warrant an article of its own.
108Marcus GarveyWikipedia was an early founder of the Pan-African movement and black nationalism, but he tended to see blacks and whites as two different peoples who would be unable to coexist and therefore believed all people of African descent should return to their homeland. He had a famous dispute with W.E.B Dubois and was against the idea of "racial mixing" in order to prevent mulattoes. He is also considered a prophet of Rastafari.
108False flag claims about the Brussels airport bombing.Wikipedia EG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUDumwfs_80
108Lip readingWikipedia - not so much the practice as used in conversation by deaf people, as the tendency of the media to get lip-readers to reconstruct private conversations (e.g. [98][99]). How accurate is it? Probably not very. There's also a joke/meme of publishing intentionally bad lip readings of political speeches, events, etc, which may or may not be worth covering (probably not, to be honest).
107The Medea hypothesisWikipedia since we have an article on the Gaia hypothesis. There isn't a lot of info on the Wikipedia article.[100]
107Nudism wooCreate draft Especially in the 19th century when nudism first became a political movement instead of just people foregoing clothes, a lot of woo was associated with it. Be it antisemitism, nationalism or the believe that nudity was some kind of panacea. Some of this woo still remains, as a short visit to one of the places where it is practiced will show you.
107 The whole tough on crimeCreate draft disaster, including three strikes lawsWikipedia could get the RW treatment. Do harsh sentences work? Do they have racial or class components? Who came up with this ideology in the first place? How do we end the epidemic of incarceration?
107handwashingWikipedia and drying: there is a lot of scientifically-illiterate nonsense about this everyday activity that has enormous importance in public health. One issue is antibacterial soap which research shows is pointless in general use[101][102]; there's also a heated debate about how to dry your hands.[103] And, is washing your hands after you go to the bathroom necessary, if washing your privates prior to oral sex isn't?[104]
107Warranted conspiracy theoriesCreate draft both as a category (for things like the Reichstag fire, COINTEL Pro, Henry Knox's Sons of Liberty, etc.) and explaining how they differ from garden-variety conspiracy theories. Currently a not-very-useful redirect to conspiracy theory. Write a proper article if you want to mark this one "closed".
107Skunk apeWikipedia could have its own article or even be a section of the Bigfoot article. Also, the Orang PendekWikipedia is a similar biped from Indonesia whose fur is orange resembling an orangutan.
106SurinameWikipedia Small country in South-America; on-mission as it's the source of quite a bit of herbal nonsense and its ... interesting ... take on politics (the current present is a convicted drug smuggler in the Netherlands, and accused of playing a part in the december killings).
106CryosaunasWikipedia are the hip new exercise woo based on whole-body cryotherapy (WBC). While WBC has legitimate uses in treating the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, cryosaunas were popularized by some professional athletes claiming that WBC alleviates post-exercise soreness. As a result, casual athletes are now jumping on the bandwagon. The practice's lack of regulation has come under scrutiny after a cryosauna worker was killed inside one on October, 2015.
106Adolf EichmannWikipedia was a German Nazi SS-Obersturmbannführer (lieutenant colonel) and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust. Eichmann was charged by SS-Obergruppenführer (general/lieutenant general) Reinhard Heydrich with facilitating and managing the logistics of mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps in German-occupied Eastern Europe during World War II. In 1960, he was captured in Argentina by Mossad, Israel's intelligence service. Following a widely publicized trial in Israel, he was found guilty of war crimes and hanged in 1962.
106Catholicism and far-right politicsCreate draft, the wikipedia categoryWikipedia includes quite a few entries from the modern era. I don't think simply adding this to the page for Catholicism is a good idea because it will most likely end up almost as long as rest of the page, like how Child sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church has 55 references compared to Catholicism's 56.
105Predatory lending.Wikipedia
105ReligiousTolerance.org, a well-known website that is one of the few generally unbiased resources of various religions.
104Heinrich HimmlerWikipedia Reichfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler was the leader of the SS, one of the main perpetrators of the Holocaust, as well as a nutty Neo-pagan who financed several archaeological trips which helped inspire the Indiana Jones movies.
103Mariusz Trynkiewicz, a notorious pedophile from Poland arrested in the 80s for murdering children, released 20 years later under an insanity plea, and recently for cybercrimes on unnamed victims. The lack of info people know of his case, or him of general outside Poland, is a strong indicator of how truly corrupt the CBA and the FBI are, refusing to investigate possible accomplices in the Americas, with many of his victims outside Poland who have outspoken accused of being liars, making the whole story up out of pity. Remind you of anything? (draft here: User:NoJohYouAreTheDemons/Mariusz_Trynkiewicz)
103Symbionese Liberation ArmyWikipedia One of the cults responsible for the downfall of the New Left. Most famous for the kidnapping and brainwashing of Patty Hearst.
103The AhnenerbeWikipedia was an institute in Nazi Germany purposed to research the archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race. Founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth, and Richard Walther Darré, the Ahnenerbe conducted pseudo-scientific experiments and launched pseudo-archaeological expeditions in an attempt to prove that mythological Nordic populations had once ruled the world as a way to promote political propaganda. Originally, the official mission of the Ahnenerbe was to find new evidence of the racial heritage of the Germanic people; however, due to Himmler's obsession with occultism it quickly became his own occult tool.
103Needs to be done, for Thunderf00t's sake. Argumentum ad vos-fistulaCreate draft, literally, "argument from you-tube"; a logical fallacy where "facts" are cited to videos found on Youtube. Or just Argumentum ad YouTube if you want anyone to click on the title ever.
103We seriously don't have an article on Causality? How did that happen?
103Caitlyn JennerWikipedia is vaguelly mentioned here and here. It seems that she's becoming more and more like Buck Angel when looking at her twitter and seeing some of her tweets. She has appeared on the most truthful news channel in the US. She ran as a replacement candidate in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election for certain political party. She calls herself a transgender activist, yet not everyone in the LGBTQ+ community sees it that way. In fact, she sounds more like one of those special kind of activists.
102Nazi experimentation (under whatever title) - for its ironically anti-scientific nature.
102The Panama Papers or Panama Leak. I think the biggest leak in the history of Journalism concerning 143 politicians including 12 world leaders, 2.6 terabytes of information, summary of information released and reactions, links to the leak itself is anyone can be bothered to read it. This is fairly basic jumping off point [105] and here is the leak's website [106]
102Cult of SaturnCreate draft, an ambiguous, but obviously evil (and nonexisting) cult that Conspiracy Theorists like to invoke when their Apophenia isn't working enough for the usual, boring Illuminati symbols to be shoehorned. Simple things like cubes and rings are proof of some grand Conspiracy. It is a common scapegoat for Christian End Times, and Illuminati Predictions and Conspiracies. A couple of examples
102ShungiteWikipedia - a type of rock that some believe protects against "harmful electromagnetic signals and radiations" and has healing powers. Could be at least added as a minor section under 5G.
101"Social engineering,"Wikipedia used to legitimately describe government/business practices, or alternatively as loaded language by cranks.
101Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic PartyWikipedia is yet another paranoid political documentary by Dinesh D'Souza about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and an examination of the "history" of the Democratic Party. Currently just a subsection of the D'Souza article.
101Microbes on the ArkCreate draft. Nothing on Noah and the amoeba?
101New Zealand First,Wikipedia a populist, anti-immigrant party in New Zealand, currently part of the government coalition with the Labour Party. With the focus on racism and anti-immigrant feeling after the Christchurch terrorist attacks, an article would be timely. Plus they're actually in government.
99MicrocreditWikipedia is the extension of very small loans (microloans) to impoverished borrowers who typically lack collateral, steady employment and a verifiable credit history. It is designed not only to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty, but also in many cases to empower women and uplift entire communities by extension. Critics argue, however, that microcredit has not had a positive impact on gender relationships, does not alleviate poverty, has led many borrowers into a debt trap and constitutes a "privatization of welfare". The first randomized evaluation of microcredit, conducted by Esther Duflo and others, showed mixed results: there was no effect on household expenditure, gender equity, education or health, but the number of new businesses increased by one third compared to a control group.
99Shouldn't We have an article on slavery in the Qur'anCreate draft? There's an article on slavery in the Bible.
99Chapel Hill shooting.Wikipedia In 2015, Craig Stephen Hicks shot and killed his neighbours in the late afternoon. He later turned himself in to Pittsboro police. He was an atheist and strongly against religion, and his neighbours were Muslim. It may have been a hate crime or the product of a dispute over parking. One of the theories posits that it was a parking dispute made worse by him disagreeing with their religion.
98AculifeCreate draft, Help strengthen your health with the latest ancient technology!Aculife strengthens the immune system against Hypertension, Insomnia, Fatigue, Asthma, Ulcers, Hemorrhoids, High Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Muscle Pain and many more common ailments. The Aculife is compact and lightweight enough to be taken virtually anywhere. You can even treat simple ailments like stiff aching backs, muscles and neck from travel or strenuous workouts.
98An Inconvenient Truth was more than just a redirect, but still needs a fair amount of both criticism and praise for its content. Also, some "Denialist Debunking" section is needed.
97AnimeWikipedia - We have an article on Furry fandom, I don't think it's that much of a jump. Sandbox Start
97Dead Sea Scrolls: important as evidence for or against the New Testament account and traditional theories of Biblical authorship. But also subject of a zillion myths, strange claims, and erroneous interpretations, which should be documented and refuted.
97 Steven Bonnell IICreate draft, better known as Destiny, is a Twitch streamer that recently gained fame for his debate with YouTuber JonTron. He also did debates with notable Anti-SPOOKs such as Lauren Southern and Sargon of Akkad (twice), as well as infamous "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli.
97Lectin-freeCreate draft is the latest bit of food woo to turn up.
97Aztec UFO hoax,Wikipedia relevant to the "FBI memo" that recently made headlines[107] (no, it was not about Roswell) See wp:Frank Scully.
97"BlatherCreate draft is an educational tool that allows users to analyze and pinpoint the accuracy of claims made on social media. This site is meant to help people spot out erroneous logic so that similar arguments will not be made in the future. However, there are a number of factors that make this a difficult task." https://blather.io/
97The October Surprise conspiracy theory,Wikipedia or how Ronald Reagan supposedly won the presidency in 1980.
97Non-fungible tokensWikipedia or NFTs. The latest blockchain bullshit that people and organizations that don't know any better are getting in on. Waste obscene amounts of money and electricity so you can get a certificate for a jpg or some other file that says you own it, but not really, you can't collect royalties on it or control the IP rights, and other people can still copy it and... yeah.
97Spanish Civil War. A simply startling omission.
96Gentrification.Wikipedia When the white hipsters discover your funky and quaint neighborhood and price you out of it.
96Eastern Orthodoxy and far-right politicsCreate draft, ditto for this one.Wikipedia
96Standing desks,Wikipedia or Dangers of sittingWikipedia depending on the planned scope of the article. Standing desks are being heavily promoted right now as a cure for the serious and crippling health problems caused by our lifestyles of sitting in the car, sitting in front of the computer for eight hours, sitting in the car again, then sitting in front of Netflix for five hours. The studies that have been done have links to standing desk manufacturers that were not disclosed in the papers, and do not show as much positive effect on these problems as claimed. Independent studies show that standing desks do increase physical activity but have no real effect on cardiovascular health; there is emerging evidence that (as anyone who's ever worked retail will tell you) standing on the job is even more damaging to the body; and the frequent canard that hours spent sitting undo the benefits of exercise is not based on any evidence whatsoever. There is even a danger that the standing-health link will be used by ruthless airlines to make flying even worse. Related to the Alexander Technique,Wikipedia the more zealous promoters of which have been known to claim that the chair is the most harmful invention of mankind. (Most Alexander technique teachers are quite happy to use chairs so long as you sit up straight, though.)
95Pink taxWikipedia or things aimed at women being priced higher than the male equivalent. Is it real or just a conspiracy made up by people on tumblr.
95OnionWikipedia - the vegetable, not the website. Provoked by encountering the idea that a red onion applied to the sole of your foot sucks out toxins and negative energy. (Really.) There's probably other fascinating woo.
95Conspiracy theorists tend to call themselves Political prisoners.Wikipedia We could make a list of actually political prisoners and cranks who call themselves that. It would be similar to our whistleblower page.
95NinjaWikipedia A lot of woo, myths, urban legends, and bullshit about them. Ties in with a lot of the mall ninja McDojo crap we talk about. (Currently a redirect to RationalWiki:Ninja.)
95Pro-smokingCreate draft is a thing. Pro-smoking example: https://smokerswrites.wordpress.com In the middle-ish example: https://www.heartland.org/ideas/smokers-rights Harassment: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2012/jun/01/pro-smoking-activists-health-campaigners
95The Passing of the Great RaceWikipedia is a 1916 book by the American eugenicist, lawyer, and amateur anthropologist Madison Grant. The book became an immediate best seller, with new editions in 1918, 1920 and 1921, multiple printings and translations in German, French and Norwegian. It became hugely influential among leading academics, politicians and scientists. Grant expounds a theory of Nordic superiority and argues for a strong eugenics program. Grant's proposal to create a strong eugenics program for the "Nordic" population to survive was repudiated by Americans in the 1930s and Europeans after 1945. It is considered one of the main works in the 20th century tradition of scientific racism and has been described as "The Manifesto of Scientific Racism".
95InterstellarWikipedia is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Caine. Caltech theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, whose work inspired the film, was an executive producer and acted as scientific consultant. While the film did well with both critics and moviegoers, the film received mixed reception by members of the scientific community for its scientific accuracy.
95FCKH8Wikipedia Gay rights group accused of being biphobic, transphobic and misogynistic.
95Doctor WhoWikipedia Arguably the most popular science fiction program in the world. Numerous scientists have commented on the possibility of the various technologies addressed, though seemingly not hard science advocate Richard Dawkins, despite being married to actress Lalla WardWikipedia who played Time Lady Romana. [108] It would be worth including a discussion of the actual educational merits of the show which began as a BBC children's program, and whether or not it promotes harmful science woo doing harm to the young as the Chinese government alleges all time travel fiction does. [techland.time.com/2011/04/13/china-decides-to-ban-time-travel/] There are bound to be homophobes complaining about the latest companion being gay. [109] As of 2018, Doctor Who is now a woman.[47]
94Inflammation,Wikipedia the latest trendy bogeyman in the alternative medicine/food woo crowd. If you don't feel good, it must be because of "inflammation" caused by eating junk food/exposure to toxins/not being on the paleo diet. Plus, inflammation is why you're fat.
94EngramWikipedias are a supposed mental image of past pain in the "reactive mind" on Scientology. They are also a legitimate explanation for the consistency of memory; in neuroscience engrams are biophysical or biochemical changes in the brain which are a part of a biological neural network.Wikipedia
94The Panama DeceptionWikipedia is a documentary about the 1989 US invasion of Panama. It asserts that the US invaded in order to renegotiate the Torrijos-Carter TreatyWikipedia , but also states that the US tested energy weapons in order to test them. This film won an Academy Award for Most Unexceptional Documentary.
94Hurricane Sandy denialismCreate draft. Yes, this is a real thing, I kid you not. Hell, we have an articlededicated JUST to the hurricane. You know, the cocktail of conspiracy theories, global warming denialism, and just general Congressional vileness.
94Aceh:Wikipedia An autonomous part of Indonesia under sharia law (for Muslim residents) known for several human rights abuses, such as the public flogging of gays and the "reeducation" of trans inhabitants.
941080;Wikipedia pesticide used to control invasive species in New Zealand and save NZ's native wildlife. Subject of all sorts of ridiculous crazy conspiracy nonsense akin to anti-vaxx nonsense. See Wikipedia and http://www.1080facts.co.nz/
94Four-day weekWikipedia: there are a lot of articles recently claiming that a four day week in the workplace greatly increases productivity, as well as benefiting workers and the environment.[110][111] However, evidence is limited to a few, frequently-cited studies whose methodology is unclear, and a lot of claims seem exaggerated. There have been a few studies that seemed to find benefits (including fewer pointless meetings, less absenteeism) but the Hawthorne effect may be involved, durations were short, and it's hard to double blind these things.[112][113] In some cases cited (e.g. Utah cited on Wikipedia) workers still did the same number of hours, just over fewer but longer days, while others suggest workers doing fewer hours can accomplish more. There have been a lot of claims about political parties planning to make it mandatory. Labour at the 2019 UK general election allegedly planned it, but in fact their research found that a hard cap on hours wouldn't work.[114] Finland was reported to have been planning a four day week, possibly even with 6 hour days, but this turned out to be fake news.[115] So is there anything to it, what are the pros and cons, and is it all wishful thinking?
93The Voldemort EffectCreate draft, a neologism created by Maajid Nawaz, occurs when someone is afraid to name someone or something which can lead to them ignoring the problem. The idea comes from the Harry Potter universe where no citizen is willing to name Voldemort out of fear of retaliation; this is usually used against liberals who are supposedly afraid of calling out Islamic terrorism.
93Yeonmi ParkWikipedia is a defector from North Korea aka the DPRK, running the channel Voice of North Korea who shot to fame thanks to her pretty outlandish claims of North Korean life and with regards to her escape. She made the rounds on UN panels and big podcasts warning against "woke culture", political correctness and the dangers they pose to freeze peach and, ultimately, to freedom in the west. Here's an article by the Diplomat covering the questionable veracity of her story, and and here's another article covering her more recent antics.
92Detroit.Wikipedia See Chicago, below, add municipal bankruptcy and dog-whistle criticisms of the decidedly non-Caucasian city administration. Who - liberals, conservatives or the Stormfront crowd - if any of them, is correct about the reasons for it becoming what it has?
92FIFA.Wikipedia The world's largest sports governing body is a filthy, corrupt cesspool.
921980 October SurpriseWikipedia, A conspiracy theory that the Ronald Reagan administration stole the election from Jimmy Carter by negotiating with Iran to delay hostage releases until after Carter left office. I don't have time, but it does seem on mission to me.
92Guide to the Book of MormonCreate draft.
92David SewellCreate draft - mastermind behind PRATTs like this and this; author of books such as The Political Gene: How Darwin's Ideas Changed Politics
91Google Earth.Wikipedia Perfect for finding Symbols of your favorite Secret Society in geography, finding FEMA Camps, certain prophecies in the bible being fulfilled (like the shapes of certain things like lakes in Asia relating the the Symbols in Revelation), and a LOT more Bullshit. Currently just a redirect to Google.
91Consensual crimeWikipedia - A.k.a. victimless crimes, e.g. recreational drugs, prostitution, gambling, sodomy (in some jurisdictions), etc..
91Disposition MatrixWikipedia is Obama's administration's official kill/capture list used for drone killings, rendition, and surveillance of suspected terrorists. The criteria for someone to end up on this list is classified and the CIA and Obama administration have refused to comment on it; this list has been said to most likely exist indefinitely. John Brennan has heavily shaped how this list works. The WaPo originally revealed this story and everyone from the ACLU to Rand Paul has condemned it. This should be chalk full of civil liberties violations and have many conspiracy theories surrounding it.
91Collagen,Wikipedia the protein which is key for our skin make-up. Beauty industry had long capitalised on it with creams, injections, etc. Recently, drinks and other such supplements appeared, as reported here and here, even though collagen obviously doesn't survive going through the digestion system. More dubious links[116][117][118][119][120] Skeptical: Arthritis Research UK[121]
91The argument used by racists that George Washington CarverWikipedia stole his ideas from Edmund RuffinWikipedia should be debunked if possible.
91Transhumanist theoristsCreate draft, a catch-all of all the more popular nutters. (Especially Ronald Bailey, a Reasonoid who doesn't really understand liberal theory.)
90Modafinil,Wikipedia a sleep-cycle-adjusting drug with some documented effects and some woo-ish notions that it's a smart drug of some sort.
90Zoltan Istvan,Wikipedia a transhumanist "philosopher". His Wikipedia article is puffed-up to ridiculous proportions ("no really, he's a philosopher!") His transhumanist novel is an Objectivist diatribe. Even other transhumanists find him too annoying and not useful.
90Mommy UniversityCreate draft. Whereas the Mommy instinct is the notion that mothers magically know how to care for their children better than healthcare professionals, Mommy University is the even bolder notion that mothers know more about everything than everybody else. Products are hawked as having been "invented by a mom," for example, as though this makes the product better. Mommy bloggers are notorious graduates of this University, and tend toward a surprising level of anti-vax and food woo. (See also "sanctimommy," and the recent hashtag #MomHarder )
90European refugee crisisWikipedia, 2015 European refugee crisis, Syrian refugee crisis, or maybe just Refugees. Lots of missional stuff here. We have Immigration (stub), but IMHO refugees is not the same thing as (economic) immigration (although there is obviously a large overlap).
90The Killian documents controversy,Wikipedia a.k.a. the forged documents which "proved" that Dubya didn't go to war.
90VolkstaatWikipedia - an Afrikaner political project in South Africa to basically start over with Apartheid on a smaller territory but without any black people in it WikipediaWikipedia has an article on it. Thankfully it has stayed a fringe movement even within white South Africans...
90Deus Ex,Wikipedia a series of video games rife with real world conspiracy theories.
90Two sunsWikipedia or second sunWikipedia - see http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=two+suns (one of the incarnations of Planet X/Nibiru claims)
90We have an article for Audio woo, why not Video wooCreate draft?
90David Hogg,Wikipedia notable gun control activist. Has received several rape threats and death threats from various gun nuts.
89Cathy YoungWikipedia - a self-described feminist who has been very critical of the movement since the early 1990s. She writes about gender issues, tending to focus on men's issues, and also speaks out against some of the SPOOK hysterics on the subject of rape and especially campus rape. Also one of the Gamergate supporters, and by extension a critic of its opponents. In addition, she comments on politics as a self-described libertarian.
89Omar Al-BashirWikipedia (or any of the various other spellings) supreme dipshit of (North) Sudan and only sitting head of state to ever be accused of war crimes, I am sure we can elaborate on his guilt or innocence and maybe there are even some apologists for his deeds in some woo-ish crank corners...
89Sesame CreditWikipedia, the Authoritarian game designed by Tencent that gives you points and benefits for toeing the CPP's line, and will become mandatory in 2020.
89MOVEWikipedia Black Power & Radical Environmentalist/Animal Rights group that committed 2 shootings and 1 bombing.
89Eyewitness identificationWikipedia and the accuracy thereof, especially in law enforcement (e.g. identity parades, picking out mugshots), is an interesting topic that has been widely studied. The failure of people to correctly identify suspects seems to go against common sense, and has relevance to other epistemological questions, as well as to wider issues in the criminal justice system.
89MoonshineWikipedia is illicitly distilled or smuggled liquor.
89WehraboosCreate draft WTF we don't have an article on this already?! Wehraboos is a slang term for fans of Nazi Germany, especially their military. While not being Nazis themselves (though some are), they are essentially Nazi Apologists, and propagate myths about German military superiority. They range from some guy on Reddit to the History Channel itself.
89Nim ChimpskyWikipedia or Project Nim or chimp sign language: another topic with grand claims but also allegations of bad science or scientific fraud. The film Project NimWikipedia covers a famous experiment with teaching sign language to a chimpanzee Nim Chimpsky.Wikipedia Separating fact from fiction would be good.
89German ethnic cleansingCreate draft (working title; should be changed) is a claim that many white supremacists and Neo-nazis use as a red herring when discussing the Holocaust. Examples include the German POWs killed in Utah during the Midnight Massacre,Wikipedia in DachauWikipedia after its liberation, those who died during Rheinwiesenlager,Wikipedia and those who died laboring for the Soviets.Wikipedia They may also mention the treatment of German prisoners of war in the United StatesWikipedia or the flight and expulsionWikipedia of Germans across Europe during and after WWII. A book called Other LossesWikipedia, by Canadian novelist, James Bacque,Wikipedia purports that millions of Germans were purposely killed by the Allies after the war but it was heavily criticized for misrepresenting and misreporting facts; his book Crimes and Mercies, also about the treatment of the Germans wafter WWII, was better received. The forced assimilation of German AmericansWikipedia during WWI may also be relevant to this topic.
89Bill Barr,Wikipedia Donald Trump's attorney general. He enables Trump's authoritarian instincts by using his authority to protect the president and his allies, and punish real and perceived political opponents.
88Geuzen.Wikipedia They were a lose collection of Calvinist Christians who would launch terrorist attacks against Dutch towns (e.g. burning down churches associated with Catholicism; raping nuns when nunneries ran out of supplies to raid) to force people into converting to their religious ideology. They later set up ships for piracy attacking Spanish Catholics. Other than that, they believed Muslim Turks to be more favourable than Catholics and used the crescent in medals. (But see wp:Geuzen before you do anything about it.)
88 The Freikorps,Wikipedia the infamous Weimar Republic-era volunteer paramilitary group that was well known for it's brutality (partially a result of personnel being derived from former Sturmtruppen) and regular use against communists. Like many shock troops left over from WWI, it soon became entangled with fascist elements.
88Village atheistCreate draft. The stereotype of the evangelical atheist did not begin with "New Atheism". The character of Miles Bjornstam from Sinclair Lewis's Main Street is one starting point.
88TransethnicCreate draft. As nonsensical as this idea is, perhaps we should define it at least?
88Dogfighting,Wikipedia Cockfighting,Wikipedia Bullfighting,Wikipedia and maybe even Fox huntingWikipedia all involve vast amounts of animal cruelty, and with various batshit arguments in favor (or against) them.
88Sons of Iraq,Wikipedia a security contractor friggen death squad in Iraq. The "troop surge"? Those guys. Basically, Sunni militants made up of various groups including former Saddam soldiers who had been funded by Syria and Iran (yes those were Shia but they hated the US more), but cheaply, so the US hired them for 3-4 times the pay. Then used them to pacify murder the fraggle out of all the Shia militias that were ALSO being funded by Iran and Syria. And it worked. Until the US left and the mercenaries stopped getting paid, the Prime Minister sacked his Sunni President, and made every inclination that he'd begin oppressing the Sunnis. Where are they now? Well, most got integrated into the Iraqi forces or did other stuff, but a few of them ended up in another group you might have heard of...
88StalinismWikipedia A political philosophy espoused by Joseph Stalin, basically one of the original totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, along with Italian Fascism and Nazism. Currently just a redirect to Joseph Stalin
88RationalWiki:Monthly RW/Archive, RationalWiki:Monthly RW being long dead, but we should keep the history, dontcha think?
88John LearCreate draft - thinks that the Moon has atmosphere and aliens live there; wears a tin foil shako
88Solyndra!Wikipedia It's the new ACORN and part of the eco-fascist conspiracy! Run!
88Military worship hysteriaCreate draft. Distinct though related to the military woo suggestion below. The tendency for society to be reluctant to criticize soldiers and military personnel because military.
88Naomi Wolf,Wikipedia the once-regarded feminist intellectual who wrote The Beauty MythWikipedia and is now a conspiracy theorist (5G a speciality) and Twitter reject.
88Gareth Icke,Wikipedia a singer-songwriter who is Dave's son, and has some really "interesting" views on things like vaccines, Soros, and the coronavirus.
87InfomercialsWikipedia and shopping channels.Wikipedia How can we not have an article each (or together) on these two sources of fraud, pseudoscience and general crankery?
87Founding Fathers on IslamCreate draft - we should discuss what the rather heterogeneous group that declared independence from Britain, fought the war and wrote the Constitution had to say about Islam. Given that they are often cited by both sides to make some kind of point.
87"Personal responsibility",Wikipedia another platitudinous piece of sophistry, extolled with such religious zeal by conservatives and libertarians that it's practically become an incantation (e.g. "freedom", "free market", "small government", "hard work", etc.).
87God's Not Dead 2 the verdict is in! The movie sucks. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/gods_not_dead_2/.
87Vox (political party),Wikipedia Spanish populist far-right party becoming a significant electoral force.
87Real Life Villains WikiCreate draft is a wikia that categorizes real world villains and displays their crimes. While it obviously shows your standard dictators, cult leaders, and religious centric jerkassess like Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, and Jerry Falwell the wikia does display some questionable merit. The wiki is very biased towards American imperialism and holds a US centric worldview, there are articles on people for very petty reasons such as user being slightly mean on Deviantart and such, and war criminals such as Henry Kissinger and Vladimir Putin are displayed as "Grey Zone" villains. The worst bias is the disallowed articles which consists of American and pro-American war criminals such as George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Donald Trump, Woodrow Wilson and Hillary Clinton. It also stated that if you make an article on any of these people you will be banned immediately. Another blatant bias they possess is their constant need to create articles for mythological characters; primarily characters from the Bible. This completely violates their number eight rule: NO Articles on People Who are Too Fictitious.
87There's No TomorrowCreate draft, a 30-minute animation on peak oil. Add legitimate criticism of infinite growth forever and some environmentalism with fair amounts of poorly-masked Rotschild conspiracy and survivalism (especially towards the end). Their site, with the video.
87HatreonWikipedia: Basically Patreon if it was founded by the Alt-Right, Far Right and those that have an obsession with the Second Amendment
87The notion of dimensions,Wikipedia which has become a woo-magnet for people uneducated in physics.
86Internalized racismWikipedia - Same reason as the below. Definitely related to False consciousness.
86HeightismWikipedia - It's somewhat overlooked as a form of discrimination but there have been studies showing a wage gap between shorter people and taller people, and I have heard anecdotes about tall people not being taken as seriously when they're the victims of crimes. Not to mention the stereotypes.
86The Palestinian right of returnWikipedia is a claimed right of those who lived in what is now Israel prior to 1948 and left it in the course of the fighting - Unlike any other refugee situation this right is claimed to be inheritable (including through adoption). There might be on-mission stuff to say about whether this unique interpretation of international law for this one case holds water
86Copulin,Wikipedia the latest gibbering nonsense from the manosphere. There are real things of this name, but the MGTOW version is Barely Noticeable. ZOMBIFYING VAGINA GOO!
86Oddly enough despite having articles on the rest of the manosphere we don't have an article on Red Pillers, an even more extreme and militant form of misogyny pushed on the internet. It's also arguably the most dangerous form of internet misogyny in the real world considering a good chunk of red pillers are rape apologists, pedophilia apologists, and a few mass shooters have been encouraged by their rhetoric.They're so bad even some MRA's dislike them.
86John Lenard WalsonCreate draft, a guy who claims that he has made pictures of (alien) spaceships in Earth orbit with his telescope[122] (possibly known as GRIDKEEPER (channel) on YouTube)
86The Black Sea delugeWikipedia in 5400 BC. I've heard it may have had some relation to the origin of the myth of the Ark, despite being some 3000 years apart.
86Late-stage Capitalism.Wikipedia Maybe not the academic term but the colloquial term of profits before people.
86The Hammer and ScorecardCreate draft Conspiracy Theory alleging that Joe Biden and Obama stole the election using software developed by noted conman Dennis MontgomeryWikipedia
86Smart homeWikipedia systems are commonly believed to be spying on their users
86MonkeypoxWikipedia The latest infectious disease panic, like a very mild version of smallpox, but with added monkey. It's dangerous for those with weak immune systems, but not a great threat to others, especially as it can only be passed by close body contact. There has been a certain amount of panic[123][124] but just give us the facts!
86Culture-bound syndromesWikipedia: phenomena believed within a culture to be diseases, but which are completely unknown outside of that culture, suggesting psychological rather than physiological origin. An example would be fan deathWikipedia, the belief that sleeping in a room with a running fan can be fatal, which is widespread in both North and South Korea but unheard of elsewhere.
85My Parents Open CarryCreate draft. Naming the father character in a pro-gun book "Dick Strong", frankly, is begging liberals to make fun of it. Even ignoring the content of this book, it's awful: wooden prose, bad grammar, hectoring tone. Yet, it's quite popular on Amazon (it was promoted by Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher according to the back cover).
85Akiane Kramarik:Wikipedia Child prophet and painting prodigy or hack exploited by her parents? It's worth it for RW to assemble the evidence scattered all over the web.
85Lokiarchaeota,Wikipedia a transitional form from about two billion years ago. See Lokiarchaeota.Wikipedia
85Senkaku IslandsWikipedia - a bunch of uninhabited (but close to some oil) islands owned by Japan which China, rather dubiously claims as their own (as the Diaoyu Islands) and have in recent years threatened war with Japan over. With the latter's alliance with the US this dispute has the (albeit quite unlikely) potential to lead to a Third World War.
85Cuckold,Wikipedia currently a redirect to Manosphere glossary, but the history of its use as a generic term of abuse would be good to write up, particularly with the recent prominence of cuckservative. [125] has some well-traced history, [126] has an anecdote on how it became common on 4chan (posters trolling /pol/ with interracial cuckold porn). "cuck" has a long history in both /pol/ and neoreactionary circles; as it happens, Robin Hanson of overcomingbias.com (predecessor to LessWrong) has done the hard thinking on cuckoldry (and how). Honestly, it's like these people literally spend all day every day thinking about nothing but BIG BLACK COCKS. More: [127]
85Chemo KillsCreate draft (https://chemokills.info/) The absolute worst sort of quack website, as they don't just promote cancer woo (Paleo diet, Vitamin C megadosage, etc.), but also actively and very strongly encourage people to not get (life-saving) chemothrapy. Claims that "globally 1.5 million people a year are murdered by chemotherapy for profit.". A number that cited by Mike Adams (The Health Ranger) on http://pharmadeathclock.com/ . (Could perhaps also be covered in Chemotherapy, which is a stub).
85Transgender TrendCreate draft a British anti-Transgender group that wants to circulate anti-trans material in schools.
85InterpolWikipedia — the international police agency. China possibly forced the former president of Interpol into resigning. Russia almost got its man appointed to be the new head. China, Russia and other states have used Interpol to harass political dissidents contrary to Interpol's rules. The predecessor to Interpol was headed by three different class-A Nazi war criminals.
85An FAQ on GMOs (name changed to "FAQ on genetically modified food"), similar to the FAQ on radioactivity and nuclear technology, would be a very helpful addition to the wiki, as a way of both collecting together rebuttals to common anti-GMO arguments and refuting others that haven't yet been refuted on other pages.
84 Cold-EEZE,Wikipedia as in that new common cold medication. Not sure what to think of this: it says it's homoeopathic but also approved by physicians. Is this just the placebo effect or what? I'm not sure.
84Ted BundyWikipedia - Aside from being a disgusting serial killer, his career trajectory reads like a who's who's of the pre-Reagan religious right.
84Street EpistemologyCreate draft developed by Peter BoghossianWikipedia is a newer activity which is a partly scripted question asking method some atheists use to induce doubts in people's god beliefs-seems worth researching for potential benefits and problems it might have. Or it could just be acting like a stereotypical atheist dick. Let's write it up and see!
84Opposition to pornography,Wikipedia separate and distinct from the article on pornography, since the opposition (Fight the New Drug, The End of Porn By Wire, SWERFs, Judith Reisman, certain religious groups, etc.) on both ends of the horseshoe tends to have its own special flavor of batshit arguments and questionable tactics.
84Joy of SatanCreate draft, Neo-Nazi UFO Satanic Cult, large presence on the Internet
84Phosphorus.Wikipedia Currently, the link redirects to the "Category:Elements" page. It's essential for life, it's the title character in White Phosphorus (sometimes used to horrific effect in warfare), it's why phosphates are called phosphates, and modern agriculture is using so much we're starting to face a shortage. What's not to love about this element?
84Gay panic is a legal defense recognized in many US states that allows someone to state that the reason they killed someone was because the victim had made homosexual advances against them. This defense not only marginalizes gay and bi men, but also trans and intersex individuals.
84Waiting for "Superman"Wikipedia was a neoliberal propaganda documentary that criticized American public schools and American teacher unions. It endorsed charter schools as the miracle solution, but cherry picked inaccurate data. The movie was criticized by the the Grassroots Education Movement made a documentary critical of it called The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for SupermanWikipedia which is named after the director's, Davis Guggenheim,Wikipedia previously famous documentary An Inconvenient Truth
84Richard 'Brad'shaw Watson IICreate draft and his Planet NestorCreate draft who managed to get a conference poster of his ( http://exep.jpl.nasa.gov/exep_exoMtgPosters.cfm / http://PlanetNestor.blogspot.com ) mentioned on the JPL NASA website
84Leslie KeaneCreate draft - Reporter who wrote a book on UFOs. Poses as a moderate, but is fundamentally a kook.
84Toynbee tilesWikipedia are an urban phenomenon where messages of unknown origin are embedded in asphalt. The tiles sometimes exhibit cryptic political statements, and and their origin and history, dating back to the 1980s are somewhat covered on the other wiki.Wikipedia The phenomenon is also associated with shortwave pirate radio.
84World of Lucid DreamingCreate draft: 400,000 monthly views. Relevant research: Lucid dreaming exists as a measurable phenomenon (also this and this) but that's about as far as you should trust the site. Bob_M's review: "Its suggestions on how do reality checks while dreaming, what to do about false awakenings - where people dream they have woken up multiple times - along with their description of sleep paralysis are all pretty good. Just don't buy any supplements or machines." But see this mishmash of new age folk psychology and Jungian symbolism. They peddle lucid dreaming supplements, lucid dreaming books, lucid dreaming products and the likes. The woman running the site, Rebecca, also offers an expensive lucid dreaming course, which she uses the site to advertise for. (and use those three to expand this). Reverend Black Percy (talk) 13:56, 27 December 2016 (UTC)
83Genocide WatchWikipedia - given their "2014 Countries at Risk" report lists the U.S. as a 10 (because "Colonists, US Army & slave traders" are going to kill "Native Americans & African slaves" and Japan as a 10, because the "Japanese Army" are going to kill "Chinese, Koreans and Philipinos" they appear to be way off the scale. It's a "countries at risk" report, not a "Countries that did bad shit in the past" report.[128] (Correction/comment by ScepticWombat: The "10" is a phase in genocide, specifically denial, not a risk factor for an imminent danger of genocide. Genocide Watch's description of the 10-stage model of genocide is found here)
83Fred RogersWikipedia. If more Christians were like him, this site would be vastly different. So would the world.
83Judicial review denialismCreate draft, the latest form of right-wing pseudolaw created to oppose same-sex marriage, by denying that the Obergefell v. Hodges decision is legally binding, which is being trotted out by Republican pundits ad nauseam. Could possibly be just a section in Judicial review.
83Prop 65,Wikipedia named after the IQ of the people implementing it, is the reason everything in California causes cancer. By law, everything must state whether or not it contains any possible carcinogens or heavy metals in any quantity, but since virtually everything does, the result is that everything comes with a warning label that most people ignore. A number of small law firms exist only to sue companies that don't put this label on their products.
83Long Island MediumWikipedia yet another of the many people who claim they can talk to the dead
83Nazi OccultismWikipedia The occult beliefs that the nazis had, especially when it came to Atlantis, Thule, magic, neo-paganism, etc.
83Night of Long KnivesWikipedia The Nazi purge of political dissidents as well as people who helped Hitler rise to power.
83Night of Shattered GlassWikipedia The Nazi purge & riot of Jewish ghettos
83The infamous white supremacist and "comedian" Sam Hyde.Wikipedia[129]
83OneTasteWikipedia (sometimes spelt One Taste), providers of orgasmic meditation services (apparently they make men pay large amounts of money to masturbate women members). Seems to be a scam or cult, and they've been in trouble with the law.[130][131] Orgasmic meditation is briefly mentioned in meditation but might be worth a more general article if there are other significant practitioners beyond OneTaste.
83Geomancy,Wikipedia the art and "science" of predicting the future by tossing and then interpreting dirt. May be confused with Feng Shui, which is sometimes also called "Geomancy"
83Illumicorp video hoaxCreate draft An INCREDIBLY well done hoax/parody showing an Illuminati training video. Although the video producer admitted it was a joke a while back, it still is being touted as real by conspiracy whackers that didn't quite get the message. This could be its own article, or an add-on to our current Illuminati article.[132]
82Interposition,Wikipedia the concept that U.S. state asserts rights to oppose actions of the federal government that the state deems unconstitutional. Under the theory of interposition, a state may "interpose" itself between the federal government and the people of the state by taking action to prevent the federal government from enforcing laws that the state considers unconstitutional. Interposition has not been upheld by the courts. Rather, the courts have held that the power to declare federal laws unconstitutional lies with the federal judiciary, not with the states.
82PeshmergaWikipedia, the ragtag band of Kurdish freedom fighters that are successfully holding against ISIS.
82A Chinese therapy called paidaCreate draft ("pat therapy" or "slap therapy") was covered earlier this year by the BBC. There has been at least one death associated with it.[133]
82Julius and Ethel RosenbergWikipedia One of the most controversial executions Of The Last 30 Seconds, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were a couple with 2 kids at the time of their execution for espionage. A great way to delve into the politics of the Cold War and an omen to those who dare to repeat history.
82Mexican Drug WarWikipedia A lot of the cartels often incorporate nutty Folk Catholicism in their chaos. Ties in with the whole War on Drugs legalize weed thing.
82The Confederate ConstitutionWikipedia has many supporters who range from southern sympathizers to libertarians who see it as the true small government America ought to be and saw Lincoln as the ultimate tyrant. Ironically it would have limited states rights and didn't remove the government's ability to quash rebellion.
82SAWikipedia Nazi militants who were instrumental to Hitler's rise to power - Later pushed to the side because the Wehrmacht didn't like them and because of fears they'd take the "socialist" in "national-socialist" seriously
82Spanish American WarWikipedia and/or the Philippines War.Wikipedia The parallels with the Iraq War are uncanny and disgraceful. Never forget.
81ArchetypeWikipedia and or collective unconscious.Wikipedia Carl Jung's idea about our inborn psychic connections, and his gift to the New Age.
81CNBC.Wikipedia I am surprised we don't have an article on it yet.
81John SearlCreate draft. Free energy con man. By reader request.
81Grand Theft Auto: One of the highest rated video game series of all time. In addition to being Jack Thompson's favorite video game series to blame violence on, it's also commonly used as an example of poor depiction of women in video games. A crappy stub was created and then deleted for being garbage - an article will need to be clearly substantive and missional.
81The Moynihan report.Wikipedia
81The concept of a Baby BrainCreate draft which is basically the other side of the Mommy instinct coin. The idea that once a (previously competent) woman has had a baby, she magically is unable to do anything other that look after the baby (and often by implication, he husband.)
81Soong May-ling,Wikipedia who lived a very long and storied life far too complicated to even attempt to summarize here. She and her husband had a unique synergy while in power, and she's also one of those people who eludes easy classification into "good"/"bad" categories. So basically, an article that will avoid being either hysterical ranting or effusive gushing.
81ScienceProvesIt.comCreate draft[134] a project of AIG.
81Erin BrockovichWikipedia. Made a name for herself around a scary-sounding chemical whose carcinogeneity is still uncertain. Currently a strongly anti-GMO voice with her own following.
81Shining PathWikipedia A Maoist terrorist group/cult/insurgency/organized crime syndicate in Peru that operates to this very day.Been condemned worldwide for its brutality towards peasants and they smuggle cocaine.
81Concussions in SportWikipedia, or more specifically Concussions in American FootballWikipedia a long tragic story of denial and lawsuits, now a major motion picture. Debunking those that say "ah getting hit on the head can't be that bad" should be a major component of the article.
81Thule SocietyWikipedia Early 1920s German occultic society that would later inspire the Nazis.
81BlackshirtsWikipedia Fascist militants who were instrumental to Mussolini's rise to power.
81Roberto DeMatteiCreate draft, President of Italian National Research Council and a complete wingnut: japanese tzunami is god's terrible yet benevolent voice, Roman Empire failed due to homosexuals and Eden is an historical reality.
81The Motion Picture Association of AmericaWikipedia (MPAA), anyone? It's unambiguously homophobic, exhibits rampant double-standards in regards to male and female sexuality as well as sex and violence, and refuses to conclusively reveal who it is composed of, among other things. We might as well have a page on the documentary that points all this out, This Film is Not Yet Rated, too.
81Something about pedometerWikipedia/Fitbits,Wikipedia steps per day targets, or similar. There's a lot of scientific debate about whether walking 10000 steps per day is necessarily good for you and the 10,000 target seems to be an arbitrary figure somebody just made up one day.[135][136][137] On the other hand, walking more is probably good for you.
81The liberal artsWikipedia/humanities;Wikipedia a stock pet peeve of right-wingers—but are they truly as useless as said right-wingers claim they are?
81Sex differences in humansWikipedia: Is a specific gender genetically inclined to read/do maths better? Have better physical strength? Be more emotional or aggressive? etc.
81Medicare, which Ronald Reagan originally opposed because be claimed that it would lead us down the dark path to socialism, which never happened. Many arguments used against it back then are being used again to fight the ACA, even though almost everybody today agrees not to touch Medicare.
80PetrodollarWikipedia - reader suggestion. Conspiracists have some fondness for conspiracies involving the price of oil and US dollars as global currency. There's plenty of real economics and economics woo around this concept too.
80Just ran into this really cogent counterargument to the idea that the bible is divinely inspired.[138] Could make an article from this, or part of one.
80Troubled teen homeCreate drafts, Christian and secular, for the abuse in them. (Example coverage from 2011, but I've seen a more recent one].) RW already has coverage of one, Hephzibah House, that is currently shoved as a section in Magdalene laundries where it doesn't belong.
80The idea of a FeminaziWikipedia (currently a redirect to Rush Limbaugh) should be discussed, and its minority status made clear. [139]
80The FederalistWikipedia, the latest socially conservative website masquerading as a force of reason.
80We should have an article on the "Right to be Forgotten".Wikipedia It has been in the EU for awhile now but there is a push to pass such a law in the US. It seems positive for those little mistakes we make on the internet but raises some interesting free speech questions. It also seems to get abused i.e. George Osborne.
80Christian persecution,Wikipedia documenting and debunking the widespread claims that Christians are being persecuted in modern America / Europe, and discussing real Christian persecution in non-developed countries (possibly merge with Christophobia)?
80Naprapathy,Wikipedia a variant on osteopathy and chiropracty. Popular in Scandinavia.
80Frank MillerWikipedia A once critically acclaimed comic book writer & artist now a generally right wing sexist/misogynistic and racist who published Holy Terror. See Linkara's reviews for more information.
80The Boycott, Divestment and SanctionsWikipedia movement is an attempt to remove foreign aid and foreign business and academic ties with Israel in order to help create an independent Palestine. They compare themselves to the anti-Apartheid movement and suggest Israel to be similar to Apartheid South Africa. Many opponents have called it a form of hate speech as they believe it to be an antisemitic movement. Even some critics of Israel like Jimmy Carter disagree with the means this movement employs.
80Prager UWikipedia or whatever these guys are called - they are rather consistently wrong about almost everything...
80StoicismWikipedia is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded in Athens by Zeno of Citium in the early 3rd century BC. The Stoics taught that destructive emotions resulted from errors in judgment, and the active relationship between cosmic determinism and human freedom, and the belief that it is virtuous to maintain a will (called prohairesis) that is in accord with nature.
80Millennials, the easy scapegoats for everything that's wrong in the world today, at least until their children grow up. Perhaps a more exhaustive article about the cyclical history of blaming young people too.
80McDonald's coffee lawsuitWikipedia is an infamous lawsuit usually brought up to show how obsessed Americans are with suing people. However the lawsuit is far more reasonable with the plaintiff suffering third degree burns, originally suing only for medical expenses and the coffee itself being so hot it was considered unfit for consumption which was an issue that McDonalds knew for years.
80Cosmetics wooCreate draft. Strong overlap with Alternative medicine, Bodybuilding woo, and whatever the Food woo trend is at the time. The beauty industry is one of the primary sources of ambient woo exposure for most people living in modern Western societies, and products using unproven plant extracts for supposed medicinal properties are available at any level of the market, meaning it is very likely that most keen believers of the Naturalistic fallacy came to this belief through shampoo advertisements. It's also on-mission as this has real potential to cause harm, especially to young women; online recipes for "natural", preservative-free personal care products have been known to mutilate skin, rot teeth, and significantly increase risk of skin Cancer, or at least dye people's hairlines neon yellow. Quack beauty products also form a major revenue source for NaturalNews, the Food Babe and Goop, as well as many high-end companies which make a killing through flogging $2000 moisturisers, Swiss apple stem cells, snail slime and copper peptides, none of which are proven to work. At the same time, there are hyped ingredients like retinol, which, while its side effects are significant, has been shown through conventional medical research to cure mild to horrific acne; this is a topic a little more complicated than 'all the gunk is just the same'. Very big and complex topic; current page is a stub.
80An analysis and description of deprogrammingWikipedia
80Ordo Templi Orientis.Wikipedia Transformed by Aleister Crowley into an anti-Christian Horus-worshipping cult, this secret society is basically Freemasonrymeets Wicca. It's this, by the way, and not Freemasonry and Wicca, that paranoid fundies should actually be concerned about.
80Chemical castration,Wikipedia increasingly considered as a crime policy.
80Pussy Church of Modern WitchcraftCreate draft, a church run by TERFs.
80TheQuarteringCreate draft is a very popular Anti SJW youtuber. The fact that there is no article on this motherfucker and his multicolored beard is offensive. A draft has been created.
80Occidental DissentCreate draft, Stuff Black People Don't LikeCreate draft, and the Vanguard News Network.Wikipedia As white supremacist sites, these are second pretty much only to Stormfront in terms of prominence, or at least far more popular than something like Jew Watch, so there's no excuse for having an article on that but not them.
80The so-called liberal paradoxWikipedia (think classical liberal), a paradox in political philosophy with some interesting implications for real-life socio-political problems.
80getoutofdebtfree.orgCreate draft deserves a fisking of its "methods" (e.g. "common law" copyrighting of your name), or at least a section in the suitable article, whichever it is. (Prompted by someone linking to RW in their forum and the assertion that they are not FOTL; please don't touch this unless you have a good understanding of (pseudo)law)
79Connection theoryCreate draft is a new nuttiness dreamed up by the Bay Area transhumanist crowd. It's sufficiently nutty that even LessWrong posters take the piss out of it. But they're apparently attracting actual money. Anyone feel like researching and writing it up? [140] [141] [142] [143] Most of the original pages about it have been taken down, but are still in the Wayback Machine.
79Lists of weird laws are generally cherry-picked if not made up entirely.
79Frivolous lawsuitsWikipedia[144] are often cited as arguments for tort reform or as proof that corporations can't accomplish anything because little people hold them back or other bullshit, and they're almost always fake or misreported.[145][146][147]
79Koanic SoulCreate draft: a deeply nuts ([148][149][150]) scientific racist site that actually gets >0 play in neoreaction. Mr. 74 liked them too. Vault-Co is also a fan. With added Bitcoin.[151]
79Pink RibbonWikipedia/Susan G. Komen for the CureWikipedia/pinkwashing.Wikipedia Highly visible, highly questionable breast cancer awareness organization. Their antics include suing the bejezus out of other charities and plastering pink ribbons on carcinogenic products (and firearms). Is more interested in self-promotion than actually doing something against breast cancer. A general article on awareness raising/awareness campaign would also be nice.
79Something on the LessWrong "LessWrong SequencesCreate draft Treated as scripture there (in the sense of being proclaimed as the foundational text but roundly ignored in practice). The actual content is somewhere between stopped clock and Sherlock's criticism
79Conehead Skulls. Deformed skulls supposedly belonging to human/alien hybrids (or nephilim, depending on who you ask) that supposedly prove that aliens have visited earth. Supposedly they are found worldwide according to some claims, thought the most notable specimens confirmed are from Paracas, Peru. I figure that perhaps a page detailed what is actually known about them and their history, as well as listing the various claims made about them (like having greater volume, thicker skull plates, unknown DNA, etc...), and debunking them would be sufficient.
79 National Socialist Underground,Wikipedia Jena Cell, NSU or whatever we want to call it. A far right group of terrorists who went around mrudering for nearly a decade - lots of Conspiracy theories out there. Did the intelligence agencies just fail or botch stuff on purpose?
79Wayne HerschelCreate draft, a South African crank author (website). Tried to hoax Above Top Secret and it backfired (just search for "Wayne Herschel hoax").
79Convex Earth-The Documentary: A 90 minute "documentary" of "scientists" and "researchers" trying to prove the Earth is flat. The video can be viewed [here.]
79Modes of learningCreate draft, the idea that some people are more "visual" of "auditory" etc. learners. I hear that there's no scientific evidence for it.
78Nouri al-Maliki,Wikipedia because he was "elected" to prime minister of Iraq during the United States occupation, acted like a dictator, used American troops to carry out ethnic killings, and had the full backing of the US government. (Or Hamid Karzai,Wikipedia who's also become a straight-up asshole.)
78Edinburgh Creation GroupCreate draft - a creationist group in Edinburgh with a bunch of videos (most of them by Seraph Media) on the web site featuring the guys promoted by AiG
78Another "messiah", Goel RatzonCreate draft, convicted on rape and incest, this one went on a breeding campaign in Israel. See [152] and [153]
78InternetAristocratCreate draft - conservative, racist, MRA who is a leader of Gamergate.
78Dogs NaturallyCreate draft - "the most complete source of natural health care for dogs" [154]. Has been called the NaturalNews of dog ownership. Animal abuse for the wootastic.
78OkraWikipedia, particularly the Facebook meme that it's a miracle cure for diabetes. It does help slow and regulate glucose uptake, though it's not the miracle cure it's touted as in way too many woo sites, videos, etc. Snopes, Healthline with papers linked; this paper appears to be the one originally hyped beyond reason.
78MamajuanaWikipedia is a herbal alcoholic alternative medicine that is supposedly an aphrodisiac, flu remedy, digestion and circulation aid, blood cleanser, kidney and liver tonic.
78How to Good-Bye DepressionCreate draft If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way?. Might be a Poe, might be a racist joke, but dude has a website.
78The International JewWikipedia is an antisemitic booklet made by Henry Ford. He later launched The Dearborn Independent in order to expose the vast Jewish conspiracies.
78Mere ChristianityWikipedia by C.S. Lewis. We can explain the book's history and thesis and probably do a side by side refutation of his arguments.
78ThuggeesWikipedia Worshippers of the goddess Kali who according to colonial British sources believed themselves to have been created from her sweat, they were known to strangle travelers; Guinness Book of Records estimates they killed two million people and Political scientist David C. Rapoport says theya re the most destructive terrorist group in history. Mentioned as an example of nutpicking.
78World of Warcraft.Wikipedia The MMO video game for excellence, that has been around for 13 years (and counting) having millions of subscribers. Given its popularity, that it's precisely a video game, its genre (fantasy) and what it entails (Dungeons & Dragons-lifted off stuff as elves, orcs, etc, paganism, magic, demons, dragons, undead, etc.), those reports of people who got addicted to it often to negligent extremes, and sucking more than a black hole, I'm more than sure it will have been the target of Fundies and the like (not to mention sensationalist/dishonest reporters). There have also been a few times when the game got social flak, for things like disbanding a guild for stating they welcomed gay people, and forcing a player-character named "TwoGenders" to change its name. Plus, there was the Corrupted Blood incident.Wikipedia
78Time zero,Wikipedia i.e. the time "before" the Big Bang. Not the Doctor Who thing. That is, use this article to discuss naturalistic hypotheses on the cause of the Big Bang.
78PowerLungCreate draft, Elevation Training MaskWikipedia and similar knockoff products. Could all be in one article. Woo products claiming to exercise your lungs and diaphragm and simulate higher altitudes. Actually they are just expensive ways to breathe through a straw.
78Rabbi Moshe AverickCreate draft should have his own page, just for all the sexist, bigoted, racist stuff he's spewed in his little column at The Algemeiner. [155]
78Sex-selective abortion.Wikipedia
78The Department of Education,Wikipedia which, before Obamacare, was the GOP's Great Satan.
78Dave DaubenmireCreate draft Raging homophobic, wingnut, asshole extraordinaire who defends Fred Phelps on several occasions, and not only openly advocates bullying gays, but says not being allowed to bully them is a form of bullying against Christians. Also a true believer of CHEMTRAILS.
78American religionsWikipedia: Mormonism; Unitarian Universalism; the AME; the Seventh Day Adventists; Megachurches; Jesus Freaks; Jehovah's Witnesses. While we have articles on most of these things separately, I would love to read a decent history of the development of all of these uniquely American churches, something that ties together the dynamics -- historical, cultural, and theological, that make America such rich soil for people with new ideas about what God wants.
78Dendritic cells,Wikipedia a possible legitimate alternative to chemotherapy that currently has a lot of woo and quackery around it.
78Health Impact NewsCreate draft - a woo-freindly, anti-vaxxer promoting site, only a few rungs above NaturalNews. Also has articles such as "Intelligent Design vs. Scientism" (sic) and "More Evidence of Scientism as Religion." Website
78[156] Raw for BeautyCreate draft: Social media's answer to NaturalNews and mercola.com. Essentially a hive of misinformation advocating raw foodism, nature woo, alternative medicine, and other bogus crap. Unfortunately, they're also extremely popular and, being a Facebook page, their claims spread like wildfire.
77Maimonides.Wikipedia This guy's influence over Judaism is enormous to put it mildly, he was also one of the most committed rationalists of the entire medieval period though he said some rather mean things about non-Jews. However from a theological perspective to say that he reconciled Rabbinic Judaism with rationalism would be an understatement, he jammed it down his colleagues throats. He had a substantial impact on Aquinas and like other medieval rationalists he ought to be included in Rationalwiki
77The Federalist Society, the ultraconservative answer to "activist judges" though they manage to be FAR more partisan than the judges they typically hate. Seriously though despite their full wingnut views they are extremely influential and their members include some of the most powerful people in the US, and some of the wackery in a few recent court rulings can be partly attributed to their members.
77David Silverman,Wikipedia or at least more about American Atheists
77PsycheTruthCreate draft - A channel on Youtube with over 880,000 subscribers, yet it's jam-packed with woo.
77Yurugu: An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and BehaviorCreate draft, by Marimba Ani. One of the most popular black supremacist books. Some of its analysis is arguably defensible, but it's also full of bizarre woo and pseudohistory, such as this bit about blacks being more capable of absorbing "divine energy" due to their dark skin, and virtually every stick-shaped object (including, I shit you not, umbrellas) being a manifestation of the white man's fear of the black man's penis.
77Manifesto for a Post-Materialist ScienceCreate draft: Document arguing against scientific materialism. Cowritten by Rupert Sheldrake. ID supporters like it, as do Christians (Mormons?). The original is here, the fawning HuffPo is here, the less-fawning SciAm blog is here; Skeptiko forums likes it. A skeptical view is here, snarky comments here here and here.
77Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife,Wikipedia by Eben Alexander, Harvard neurosurgeon. Widely popular book that claims to prove an afterlife exists; see eg here from The Spirit Science; one rebuttal here.
77SamaritanWikipedia is a redirect to Good Samaritan rather than a page on Samaritans. I say fix.
77It might be useful to have an article on forensic science.Wikipedia Science News has a recent article on the problems and prospects of the field.[157]
77A Joe jobWikipedia is a spamming technique for smearing a target by spoofing the sender ID so an unflattering or otherwise damaging message seems to have come from the target. See the Wikipedia article on Joe job.
77ADoseofBuckleyCreate draft, a Canadian humorist who posts YouTube videos under the tagline "Angry Humour From An Angry Man." He posts videos on everything from pop music and ad campaigns to social concerns, with purposefully snarky comments. In particular consideration to watch, and comment on either in an article or side-by-side list or refutation are his videos about Slutwalk, patriarchy, the Oregon bakery case (as a side note in the patriarchy video) nice guys, marijuana (specifically 420), AlterNet (in a video entitled Fox News vs. Alternative Media), and obesity. His YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9kMnSZQd53hE-1sb1f9sdA/videos?feature=hovercard
77Narcissistic Personality DisorderWikipedia A lot of cult leaders and dictators are said to have this. Jim Jones, David Koresh, etc. Currently just a redirect to personality disorder.
77Rubin "Hurricane" Carter,Wikipedia a man popularly believed to be either guilty of a triple homicide or railroaded by a racist conspiracy. Here, discussion over the case and evidence on both sides (and the fact that it's possible that he's innocent while only being convicted because it was reasonable to think that the evidence pointed to him, with no frame-up needed), the Bob Dylan song "Hurricane", and the 1999 film starring Denzel Washington (and why he should've won the Oscar then and there, and that he was robbed because of well-intentioned but misguided protests to the Oscar board). One of various possible information sources: http://graphicwitness.com/carter/index.html
77James Clerk MaxwellWikipedia, one of the top 5 greatest physicists ever, but also a devout Christian (albeit one who shopped about between denominations) who proposed an unusual version of intelligent design; his views on evolution are also argued about between pros and antis.
77Óscar RomeroWikipedia was a prelate of the Catholic Church in El Salvador, who served as the fourth Archbishop of San Salvador. He spoke out against poverty, social injustice, assassinations and torture. In 1980, Romero was assassinated while offering Mass in the chapel of the Hospital of Divine Providence.
77The Knights of ColumbusWikipedia is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization. Founded by Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1882, it was named in honor of the mariner Christopher Columbus. Originally serving as a mutual benefit society to low-income immigrant Catholics, it developed into a fraternal benefit society dedicated to providing charitable services, promoting Catholic education and actively defending Roman Catholicism in various nations.
77Outreach JudaismWikipedia is a Jewish counter-missionary organization founded by Rabbi Tovia Singer. It is described as "an international organization that responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity." It's a great website for those looking for arguments against the fundamentals of Christianity such as Jesus being the messiah.
77Blue Lives MatterWikipedia is a pro-police movement in the United States. It was started after the killings of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn, New York, on December 20, 2014, after they were ambushed in their patrol car. Blue Lives Matter was formed in reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement, which seeks to end police brutality against the African American community.
77Universe - the Cosmology QuestCreate draft, apparently a documentary about scientists who think the Big Bang theory is wrong. This goes right with the anti-science part of our mission. You can watch it here.
77Patriot FrontWikipedia is an offshoot of the Nazi group Vanguard America,Wikipedia they formed because of a split after the events of the 2017 Unite the Right rally. 31 of these idiots were just caught in the back of a U-Haul truck outside a LQBTQ Pride monthWikipedia rally in Idaho, all dressed the same, some of them armed. They were arrested for attempting to start a riot, but someone has bailed all of them out.[158] Their names have been released by the sheriff's office here: [159]
77The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and SecretsCreate draft and/or Barbara G. Walker;Wikipedia Amazon.com link to the book. The Britannica of feminist woo.
77Stop the Thyroid MadnessCreate draft ([160]), a book and blog by a non-endocrinologist non-doctor who blames everything that's wrong in the lives of people with hypothyroidism on the mainstream treatment regimen. Focus is on how much better you feel when you switch to desiccated thyroid extract, the "natural" treatment we used in the good ol' days.
76I'm surprised that the cultish, deceptive ultra-Orthodox Jewish "kiruvWikipedia" organizations, such as ChabadWikipedia and Aish HaTorah,Wikipedia haven't been mentioned here yet.
76Jace ConnorsCreate draft. Youtuber, conspiracy theorist, wingnut, stoner, mall ninja, racist, homophobe, and Islamophobe guilty of both consuming and promoting gratuitous amounts of paramilitary woo. Hosts a weekly political call-in show where he has, among other things, posited that not only is Obama a Muslim but one born in the Middle East who plans to destroy America by instigating a race war. On the other hand, he isn't that well-known outside of his cult following of trolls.
76Masonicinfo.comCreate draft. If you have an anti-freemason claim, masonicinfo will have the refutation, and the conspiracy theorist will throw the shill gambit.
76Remnant of GodCreate draft, a Webshite about end times paranoia. Apparently thinks The Pope is the Antichrist.
76Charlemagne. A hugely important figure in the history of the Western world, he also became the focus of a large body of fantasy.
76Alive.comCreate draft[161] is an alternative medicine quack fest from Biritsh columbia, it is a magazine and website about "natural" (ie Bullshit medicinal ways. it is full of random quackery
76Article Four of the Articles of ConfederationCreate draft - Not sure the Most Unexceptional way to title the article, but I've noticed a lot of sovereign citizen nuts screaming about it in youtube videos where they get themselves arrested. They apparently believe that it's the basis for them not having to obey the law. Based on wikipedia, and my reading of that particular article just says States can't bar citizens of other States from entering unless they're criminals or homeless (apparently tMigrants around Calaishe Constitution made that part more PC), and has to treat them the same as citizens of the State they're entering. Thought we should tackle this.
76 BoughtCreate draft, a movie about how vaccines and GMOs are evil -- and, worse, corporationy. (c.f. this examiner.com article)
76We need to have a page on "modern day Nostradamus" Gary SpiveyWikipedia because just look at him. What is this? The inverse of a tinfoil hat to better attune to the messages from God?
76Yoshiro Nakamatsu,Wikipedia Aka "Dr. NakaMats" - Prolific Japanese inventor and Ig Nobel Prize recipient. Has made some genuinely useful contributions (such as various advances on floppy disks) but most often his work goes into straight-up crankery and woo.
76Islamic Society of North AmericaWikipedia is the largest Muslim group in North America. It has been accused by Stephen SchwartzWikipedia as a Wahhabi front group. The Justice Department had considered them as co-conspirators to radical Islamic groups.
76Bioscience Resource ProjectWikipedia - according to their page on WP (which has been subject to at least one edit war) they do some agenda pushing related to genetics and GMOs. As some IP editor recently inserted them into our article on genetically modified food they seem to be something we should cover
76Rick and Morty is an American adult animated television series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Adult Swim. It has been suggested that the show carries some messages in a philosophical vein, including themes of existentialism, and of human impact on the environment. It has also been pointed out that the show can be interpreted as a critique of western attitudes towards science, and of scientism in particular.
76Ex MachinaWikipedia (stylized as ex_machina) is a 2015 British science fiction psychological thriller film written and directed by Alex Garland in his directing debut. We can do an article discussing the themes of artificial intelligence, roboethics, and gender politics.
76Colleen ThomasCreate draft, a possibly mentally ill woman who has made a variety of nutty claims, including that Obama is an alien lizard[162]. Russia Today saw fit to interview her.
76 #ThotPatrolCreate draft, also known as "#ThotAudit" is a campaign led by incels trying/threatening to report Snapchat and Instagram cam girls to the IRS.[48] Unsurprisingly, many of the ThotPatrollers are trying to claim that #ThotPatrol is ACKCHYUALLY about ethics in taxation, indicating that the movement is nothing more than a reincarnation of Gamergate.
76Socionics.Wikipedia Fad pop-psychology butchery of MBTI, which is itself suspect, but this takes it up to eleven. Popular in Eastern Europe.
76Adrenal fatigue,Wikipedia a made-up condition that alt med practitioners use to blame general aches and fatigue on a failing of the adrenal gland.
76Testimony of conversionCreate draft, or some similar phrase, for every conservative Christian who starts a bout of proselytizing with "I used to be atheist/liberal/evolutionist/whatever, but then I learned about Jesus."
75Fighting wordsWikipedia - There isn't a page on how insults and rudeness breaks the limit of free speech, and there isn't an entry on the Freedom of speech page.
75Pre-Columbian Contact. This field of study is a prime breeding ground for proffessional cranks. However looking further into some individual claims it becomes clear that a couple lesser known claims of contact may actually hold some water. As such the various claims regarding Pre-Columbian trans oceanic contact ought to be investigated and commented on.
75AuroraTekCreate draft I stumbled on this Webshite today; they sell a "Self-Charging Electric Scooter" for $1500 ... their "science" page talks about travelling faster than light, and their news page talks about "my contact with human-appearing extraterrestrials" ... It has all the indications of being complete bullshit (but didn't investigate too deeply)... ((I'm writing this; it'll be up in a few hours so no removing it tyvm ~$catb0t(Totally Not a Bot!) 13:05, Tuesday, October 4, 2022 (UTC)))
75Hyperphysics:Wikipedia reader suggestion. "It's hosted by Georgia state University, and is run by Rod Nave. At first glance it seems to be an education resource. My problem is the creationist slant of the site. False claims made include: DNA is a true code, and that amino acid selection during protein synthesis is not chemically determined [163] Other pages directly relate to god, and creationism. [164]"
75The al-Quds dayWikipedia is an antisemitic shitfest-lollapalooza invented in 1979 by Iranian supreme dipshit Khomeini and thus almost certainly part of our mission statement, if possible flamewar-bait.
75Not Dead YetWikipedia is a disability rights group that is opposed to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. They argue that legalization will place pressure upon severely handicapped people to end their lives and avoid "being a burden" on others. They protested the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, and also protested the Clint Eastwood film Million Dollar Baby for its positive portrayal of assisted suicide.
75Retraction Watch,Wikipedia part of the immune system of science. Useful for flagging interesting terrible past science.
75Obergefell v. HodgesWikipedia is currently just a redirect to Same-sex marriage i think we should give it the same treatment as Roe v. Wade and Kitzmiller v. Dover
75PseudoengineeringCreate draft. As opposed to out-and-out pseudoscience, pseudoengineering is a method of engineering that uses sound scientific principles but poor engineering practices that can't be justified via cost or time excuses and are usually motivated by politics or pluralistic ignorance. The Strategic Defense Initiative is a prime example of pseudoengineering.
75Long Island MediumWikipedia - Insufferable Popular psychic du jour with the housewife crowd
75Oswald Spengler,Wikipedia historian who was a major influence on the Nazis, although he was opposed to and eventually ostracized by them. (On Wikipedia.)
75Argan oil,Wikipedia apparently increasing in popularity to cure all skin/nail/hair ailments. I encountered it on a Dutch website where it is touted as `miracle cure' and `liquid gold', with `positive effects never seen before' ... all of which are supposed to be `scientific proven' (the louder it says that...the bigger the chance it's woo). Yet, perhaps there is some (kernel of) truth here?
75The Science wars, wherein academia was divided between the sciences and the postmodern humanities. Shots were fired, feelings were hurt, people were trolled. NOTE: We already have an article titled War on Science, about attempts to get science removed from schools; the Science Wars appear to be a different topic.
75Believe it or not, George Will seems to have surpassed Krauthammer in "respectable" neoconservative theatrics.
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